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I see a lot more noise in the sky of the Lumix shot and a perhaps some chromatic abberation? Do you see it? Even though the Lumix is shot at 100 ISO and the Canon at 200??

Why should the Canon shot be so much smaller...they both are at 100% (and 72 dpi)with same section of shot cropped.
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akirabbq wrote:
Since the size of FZ10's CCD is smaller than 1D's CMOS, DOF of two camera are different even at the same aperture setting.

I would like to see 1:1 crop comparsion :-)
This statement is a little misleading. The greater depth of field is not directly due to the smaller imager, but to the actual focal length of the FZ10 lens. Although called 35 to 420 mm, this is the 35mm equivalent, but the actual focal length is 6 to 72mm.To get an equivalent of the 35 to 420 of the FZ10, the Canon 300D would use an actual range of 22 to 262mm. At the same aperture, the 6 to 72 will give much greater depth of field than the 22 to 262. [Even though there isno such actual lens!]

ken from the uk

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