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This is nuts. I remember when reading the manual I came across thesentence about setting the times for time lapse, up to an hour apart I think. Now I can't find that section,in the manual, to save my life.So I've gone back to reading each page. I remember it being on the right hand page inside towards the bottom...arrgh. I just remember when I came across it I thought*COOL* time lapse. Searching...

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Well suzan, I don't want to make you think your going crazy but ......

I did a search thru a pdf copy of the FZ20 manual for the following:-

timelapse; time lapse; 1 hour; one hour

with a big goose egg (0), zilch, nada, zip,ofresults for all the searches.

Sorry to dash the hopes of some. If anyone finds the secret button combinations to an undocumented "timelapse" mode, don't hesitate to shout it from the highest rafters. Oh, and post it here, too.

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