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Hello Treasure,

I think that yes, the FZ3 will suit your needs just fine. If you haven't seen these two cameras side by side, I should mention that the FZ3 is *substantially* smaller than the FZ20. It wouldn't make sense to lug all that extra bulk around if you aren't going to use those extra features.

If you do decide to go w/FZ3 - a few days ago the Circuit City web site had them for $359. If you have a store locally, you can order it online and go to the store and pick it up (as long as it is in stock). There is also a rebate of sorts for an extra battery and case. I believe that the rebate is good for cameras purchased by Oct. 31. If the price of these two accessories is taken into account, this would make the overall deal quite a good one, even if you have to pay sales tax. It is also nice to be able to pick it up immediately, and to have a reputable dealer to take it back if it is defective.

I had ordered an FZ15 that turned out to be defective. Since it turned out to be a bigger camera than I expected, I decided to search for a different model, rather than get another FZ15. I almost decided to pull the trigger on a FZ1, but decided to go get the FZ3 since I could get it locally. After using the FZ3 for a few days, I'm glad the FZ15 went belly-up. Although there may come a time that I wish I had manual focus on the 3, I am glad not to have the weight/bulk of the 15. You won't be disappointed with the FZ3, although I do wish they came in black....


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Thanks for all the help guys. I just ordered the FZ3.

Now that you mention it, I wonder why it doesn't come in black......
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The title of this thread sounds like a poem...

FZ3 - the camera for me...

A little birdy in a tree...

I captured the image with my FZ3...

I got it at Circuit City...

The one near me...

Golly Gee...

I love my FZ3...

And I got a battery and camera bag for free...

For my FZ3...

By bobc...
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