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Hey all,

I noticed in another thread a guy said he was getting a red laser pointer for AF assist. Wouldn't this show up in the picture, or do you use it momentarily.

I then thought, if one could get an IR laser pointer, that would allow one to leave it on and not have it show up in the picture or bother anybody. Since IR is invisible basically one would have to either use pictures with an IR filter to aim it, or use a same sized red laser pointer to aim it.

Main problem would be attaching it to the camera in a way that doesn't mar it or allow it to move.

Here are laser pointers like this:
scroll down to DA9810.

take care,

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The problem with using IR, is thatmost CCD Sensors have a built in hot mirror (IR Cut) filter, to make them less sensitive to infrared.

Since the Autofocus System on your camera uses a Contrast Detection Focus System, it must be able to see the contrast in your subject (based on the signal coming from the CCD). So, if it can't see IR well for taking photos, it won't be able to see IR well for focusing either.If it can see IR, then the IR would also show up in the photos if the beam was left on.

This is one of the reasons you don't see manufacturers use IR beams for Autofocus Assist on Digital Cameras (since the same sensor used for taking photos, is also used for Autofocus).
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