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I purchased a Panasonic LC43 based largely in part from the review here, and the price just dropped at the PX.

Is there any special difference with the Panasonic memory chips for this unit compared to the other brands. The PX had the DaneElec brand 128MB for $29 that I bought, another brand for $29.97, and the Panasonic brand was $49 or so, considerably more than the other 128MB modules. Anything different other than Panasonic simply being proud of their chips?

Also, does anybody know any place that sells the higher capacity rechargeable AA batteries that also ships to APO addresses?It'sbeen suggested to me to look forsomething in the 2100 mAh range. Any idea as to what kind of life those batteries would give?

These SD cards sure are nice and handy, but they sure do get lost easily.The 16MB that came withmy camera is now floating around here in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Guess I pulled something out of a pocket and it decided to follow, unbeknownst to me. :roll:Fortuanately I already uploaded the pictures to my web gallery.
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I don't know what kind of batteries you can find overseas in the PX, but Ihave had excellent results with some Duracell rechargeable NIMH batteries I got a Wal-Mart. I think they were around $22 for 4 batteries and a one hour charger. These batteries are 2050 mAh, and they seem to me to be giving excellent service in my LC33, as well as in my daughter's Nikon CoolPix 3200. As with most battery/charger combinations you can buy, you can add to your supply by buying just the batteries. However, with 4 rechargeables, I have never found a reason to get any more. You can have two charged up in an hour, so when yours get weak, just swap 'em out with the ones you already have fully charged. In just an hour, they will be fully charged again. Of course if you are away from a power supply, then you might want to have another seton hand.

I don't think there is much difference with the different brands of SD cards. By the way, stay away from MMC cards. They will work, but they are much slower than SD. Panasonic cards of 256 Meg and up claim to be faster than their lower capacity cards, but you probably won't nocite it unless you use burst mode.

As far as losing cards goes, it is easy to do because they are so small. If you keep your extra cards in the case that comes with them, you will keep them cleaner, and maybe help prevent their loss. I know that you didn't get a card case with the one that was supplied with your camera, but if you buy almost any aftermarket card, it should come with a little plastic case. I prefer the flip style of the San Disk to the sliding case style that Panasonic uses.
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