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Hi! I'm new to this forum and am impressed with the valuable information you people are willing to share. I am very close to buying an FZ20and was wondering what your opinions were on the EVF. From the reviews I've read some say it's smaller than most and the resolution could be better. I stopped at HHGregg to try the camera outand the salesman let me handle the camera but wouldn't put the battery in it so I could try the zoom and the evf. I don't know how they expect someone to buy a $600 camera and not try it out. Oh well! So I have to rely on your feedback. Also I was a liitle dissapointed that they didn't have an eyecup or at least a piece of rubber around the eyepiece. Is it possible to get an eyecup somewhere to put over it? I like to use the viewfinder for all my photo taking and I'm afraid it will scratch the lense on my glasses. I remember reading a post by Rezajune where he was showing the lens hood and I thought I saw some sort of eyecup on his camera. Would appreciate any and all inputs cause I love this camera and would like to own one soon. Keep up the good work you guys are great!....Jer99
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Yes. I believe he knows where to get one. If you have a Circuit City or Ritz Camera near you, go there. They will let you test the camera and take some pictures as well.

The EVF does darken quite a bit in low light in manual mode, but it is quite usable aside from that.

Also. The noise levels are a little higher due to the sensor size megapixel ratio, but most of the big zooms between 3 and 5 megapixels use the same sensor size.

But it takes great pics, and has many great fetures. I have had mine for about a couple of months now, and love it.

You should definately find a store that will let you try one out first.

Hope this helps...

I also have a few pics on my verizon site. Mostly point and shoot, and nothing spectacular.



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Thanks Bobc! I did try one Circuit City store and the clerk said they couldn't put batteries in all the cameras, so Iturned around and walked out. I also tried a Wolf camera store and they were all sold out of Z20's. There are a few more stores around town I could try. Checked out your site,nice pics, cute kids.
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