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Hello all,

I found another woman on another forum (dcresource)who has an FZ20, she came up with this outline which I think is very good, being that all of the newbies that come in here are always asking about. Hope people find it informative.

 UV haze
 Polarizing—can get a good one for about $50
 Hoya (only buy their top of the line—the rest are mediocre)
 For Phayee adapter, Hoya Pro1 Super HMC Multi-coated UV-Haze is good
 Tiffen
 B&W (from Schneider)—best and most expensive filters
 Polarizing filter for about $100 is great

Lens Shades:
 cam comes with one (not recommended)
 If you have Phayee adapter, Adorama 72mm Telematic Zoom Lens Hood is good

 Phayee—smallest distance from lens to filters. Comes with 62-72 mm step-up ring
 Pemaraal—62 mm threads
 Raynox—not recommended b/c threads are 52 mm

Accessory lenses:
 LTZ10: 1.5x magnification (expensive)
 TCON-17: 1.7x maginification (55 mm threads so a step-up or down ring is needed)
 Raynox DCR-2020Pro: 2.2x magnification (quality not as good as other two)
 Nikon 6T (62 mm)
 Nikon 5T (screws onto 6T for more magnification)
 Raynox DCR-250 (universal adapter for any threads between 52-67mm)

****Lens cap from Phayee supplier is good—get it for only a few bucks

 TCON-17: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/con....672&is=REG
 Pemaraal adapter: http://www.b-300.com/fz10ac.html
 Phayee: e-mail RongJin at: [email protected]
 Hoya UV-haze filter: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...ssPageName=WDVW
 B&W polarizer: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/con....921&is=REG
 Adorama lens shade: http://www.adorama.com/LNHZ72.html?....&item_no=1
 Step-down ring for using TCON-17: http://www.b-300.com/fz10ac.html
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One of the moderators should take this thread, and post it in the front of the forum with an "I". Great, Nancy. Thanks on behalf of the newbies...
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Your welcome, Nick. It seems to me like this is Rezajune's work. And although I understand it, I don't know if someone newcoming to this forum will fully get it. But I guess they can ask us questions at that point.
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This is only my opinion

But I thinka lot of thatinfo is at best misleading.

Mainly all Hoya filters are of good quality for the price

And I see no reason to spend more than $25 for a UV filter

The Raynox adapter works as good as any adapter and its sets the add on lens closer to the camera lens than any other adapter.

And you can get a linear polarizer for less than $30

Also it ignores a couple good tele lens Sony and Canon come to mind

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Old Dec 1, 2004, 1:19 PM   #5
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What was posted is good but should not show any bias without actually having tested all that there is personally.

shene is a good example of posting only what he has tried himself and offers no opinion on anything he did not try himself.

For me the raynox may not be the most popular of the five adapters that are out there but if there is no problem in it limiting the cameras ability to take great pictures then the opinion simply rests on aethetics only.

Just my 2 cents..
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Every time I try to get my head around something that someone suggests another person then says but.....lolololol

I am definitely a newbie to the fz20 as it is more like a normal camera to me.

My old Fuji digi did great things for me and I know that once I get to grips with the technical side of the camera (meaning in manual)then I will be a happy man.

I think what has got to be considered by the pro's if I may call all you people that is a lot of people that are going to buy the fz20 have never had a slr camera before like me only point and click.

With me and probably others though isI needed an upgradefrom my old digital camera and I read everything there was on here and other forums(this was the best) and though originally it was the fuji s7000 I was going for the more I read about the new Panasonic fz20 the more I went off the Fuji and then I waited for the 20 to get to me.

What I could do with is someone to tell me exactly what I need to buy as in filters and everything listed above but not for fashion but to protect my camera and also for me to get the best out of my new toy.


ps can someone please check the links above

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Old Dec 2, 2004, 4:21 AM   #7
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The way I look at it (maybe with some influence from everyone's posts) is that you have this Leica lens, which is of high quality. So why take a risk in putting a filter over that lens that might not be as high a quality as another, unless price is really an issue. Chances are that there are little differences, but in going from shooting 35mm film to digital is still a step down, so I would like to maximize my image quality. That is as far as filters go. As far as the adapters I think the Phayee is the best made of the two that I have (the Peramaal being the other one PA-62). Therewere a few posts on how the threading on the PA-62 was problematic. Conversely, everyone who bought the Phayee raves about it, including myself. The PA-62 looks like someone took a hack saw to a tin can and sawed off a piece, it isn't very attractive. It is professionally made, I don't want to give the wrong impression, but there was very little design work, purely functional. The Panasonic tube tapers as well as the Phayee, but I am a designer, I look for things like this. It doesn't really matter which one you own, it won't affect the image quality (but the filters will, so that is where I don't skimp - if there really isn't a difference and I am paying a little more, so be it, I know that I have the best glass on the end of my Leica lens). There's my feelings on the matter. And I did just copy and paste that info, I didn't even read all of it so please don't take it as gospel, just one of the many guides that people post here.
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Just my few cents on adapters...

Get the cheapest adapter and quality filter combo to protect the lens. If you have other reasons for the adapter or have other equipment then compare what you need.

Cosmetic appearance might be what makes the decision ?

The Raynox adapter from BugEyeDigital and a high quality filter (52mm) will be the cheapest solution. The filter sits close to the lens and the adapter protects the barrel from dust and impacts.
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...and my two (US) cents, as well...

As I mentioned in another thread concerning add-on lenses (which I feel is totally apropos this discusson on adapters and filters)...

"You already have a fantasic camera. It might not be the Roles Royce or Bentley of the camera world but it sure is a Lexus with a Mercedes lens :-). I'd strongly suggest that you not buy a Yugo as an accessory."

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