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Like to read mystries, listen to singer/songwriters, blue grass, some rock.

Avid birdwatcher,hiker and exploer of nature, like phtography

I am 54 years young really enjoy this time in my life.

I am vegetarian.

Have a deep concern for the evrionment.

Found the love of my life, we are going to be married in Jan 06
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congrats on finding the love of your life... my wife and i have been together for 28 years, have raised 3 good sons, and are finally just starting to get to know one another... strange, but exciting none-the-less.
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Old Nov 28, 2005, 6:46 PM   #103
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Yo all.

I'm (at the moment) living in Australia. Just an hour drive south of Sydney.

Got FZ-1 and FZ-10. Loved them soo much. :-)
But I've used various Canon equipments - that's until they went digital. Somehow my old lenses can't work with the new DSLR. So it'll be sometimes till I got my DSLR.

Love to go hiking (they called it bushwalking here) and seeing new places. My favourite subject now is waterfalls, somehow the sounds of it always drawn me into it. Second favourite will be flowers and wildlife.

I love almost all kind of music but I love New Age music the most. It sooths me just like nature photography.
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Old Dec 7, 2005, 7:38 PM   #104
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Hi everyone.... I'm brand spankin' new to the board, having just purchased my FZ20 last week. I have been reading the boards a little, but would love to "officially" join now that I got my camera. So about me....

My name is Cathi and I am 35, married and have two sons, age 8 (in Jan) and 3, two elderly dogs and two cats. I have lived in middle Tennessee my whole life. I have B.S. degrees in Finance, Economics and Management that I used in my job as a benefits consultant before my first son was born and I will never ever use them professionally again. I hated office politics and the rigidity of an office job. So now I stay home and take care of things here - my plan for when my youngest starts school is to get a job I love, either working with animals or doing something creative. I love working with color - especially on walls, as in murals, faux painting, but really in any aspect. I just love seeing how shading and blending all of a sudden gives such depth and life to whatever it is I'm working on. I love taking pictures, and I can spend hours on the computer playing with my photos and making slideshows. My friends and I especially enjoy seeing how we all look with extra pounds shaved off and how we would look with facelifts and laser resurfacing, compliments of photo editing! :-)

I don't watch much TV, only the occasional TLC shows, and never watch movies. They are just too long and I'm way too much of a realist to let myself get "lost" in most of them. I enjoy reading but rarely take the time to do so and I love all music, as long as it's clean. We are big car nuts - meaning we love anything to do with cars, especially classic. I'm currently searching and waiting for a great deal on a '68 or '69 Torino fastback. Most weekends during spring, summer and early fall we will be at car shows and cruise-ins with one of 21 classic cars owned by my family. My older son enjoys taking pictures of the cars with my old digital Kodak - he's very creative and takes some great shots with no instruction, per his request. I've posted one below, :-) We also enjoy sports- watching my son or the Tennessee Titans, and I can't wait to try out my FZ20 at a game.

So that's me! Thanks for reading, and I really look forward to getting to know everyone and contributing when I can.

Evan's shot of a rod at a show -

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Old Dec 21, 2005, 11:02 AM   #105
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Hey, my name is Tony from Fla. I am on my second fz. I love this simple cam. I think I'll go out and get the fz30 after Christmas. I'm hooked on sports photography and for the price I find it hard to beat. I got hooked when I started taking pictures of my kids at the soccer fields. As I got better, people started asking for pictures of their kids as well and whammo! I'm in... many hours in back of the camera and in front of the computer. The good part is, it keeps me off the ref's back. Whatya think?
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Old Jan 1, 2006, 1:59 PM   #106
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I'm Bridget. 30 years old. I have an FZ5. I Just got a Raynox DCR-150 macro lens for Christmas!

My day job is a Quality Assurance Analyst for an IT dept. I was a system analyst and did programming forabout 4.5years- prior to that I taught special education kindergarten!

I like movies, and don't see nearly enough. My top3 for 2005 were Constant Gardner, Cinderella Manand Murderball.

I'm a reality tv junkie. My favorite is Amazing Race (although the family version was my least favorite). I'm still waiting for my application to be accepted.

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Old Jan 6, 2006, 1:58 AM   #107
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Dave, 56 in NW Louisiana.
Bought myself an FZ30 for Christmas and renewing an old hobby of many days gone by.

I have seen some real Talent, Knowledge and Comradery here.

Glad to be a part

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Howdy All.*Just like Dave (above) im a FZ30 noob. Have it 2 weeks now and absolutely LOVE it.*Im*34 and from Dublin, Ireland and have already picked up some great tips from the forum.[img]/forums/images/emoticons/cool.gif[/img]
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My Name is Andy and I'm from Newcastle, Australia.

I'm a scuba diving instructor and an aircraft technician by trade.

I have a very understanding wife and a beautiful 11 month old daughter.

My hobbies include Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding and now Photography :G

I also run a couple of Aquarium forums in Australia.

My little brother is right into amateur photography with his 350D, but I researched many cameras and tried a few (especially the Oly E500 and Canon 350D), and settled on the FZ30 due to features, the lens and price. I'll find my feet with this camera then maybe step up to a DSLR a couple of years down the track.

All I've had for years is a Canon G2 with an Ikelite underwater housing for diving. The FZ30 is my first "big" camera, and I'm excited!

This forum is the best I've found for photography. Keep it up!

Below are a couple of pics of the family and Ellie my daughter taken with an E500 and 350D. Now all I need to do is learn to use the FZ30 to get shots to rival these ones :-)

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Old Jan 17, 2006, 5:50 PM   #110
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I have been browsing this forum for a few weeks now & the time has come to finally make a contribution. I am retired & live in the far north tropics of Queensland Australia & have been here for the last 13 years, prior to this I resided in the town where I was born, the provincial City of Ballarat in Victoria .... yup, Eureka Stockade & all that.

I had the standard state school education topped off with a short stint at college, but I was a poor pupil & left to commence work as an apprentice automotive electrician. This didn't work out either so when I was old enough I joined the Navy as a Naval Airman air mechanic engines .... The best thing I ever did, besides getting a dose of much needed naval discipline I finished up visiting 28 different countries all paid for by the Australian tax payer. Ten years later I was working in the small engines/farm equipment/motorcycle business & that's how I spent the remainder of my working life.

Photography has always been part of my life, starting with me borrowing the family box camera right up until I was the proud owner of a couple of Nikon F801's & all the necessary accessories, which I recently gave to my nephew as they were just gathering dust for the last couple of years. Ten years ago ... just prior to Windows95 ... I purchased my first computer, one thing led to another & I bought a Kodak DC3800 (AUD 800 would you believe?) when they first came on the market, now I have added a Kodak Z700 then finally a FZ20 ... I was drawn to the Panasonic because of the Leica lens, good but not overly long zoom & image stabilisation & have no reason to regret my decision.

Other interests?

Genealogy would be close to the top, after 8 years of probing & investigating I can trace my lineage back to Cornwall in the mid 1500's, along the way unearthing many a fact that my parents didn't know about or kept as a dark secret. And I had a lot of fun along the way.

Computers fascinate & aggrivate me at the same time & I find it hard to get my mind around the ever changing enviroment, but at the same time it keeps my mind active & I generally come up winning (well, sort of).

Music: Not too keen on the modern stuff but have pretty broad tastes from the music of the 40's & 50's, Big Bands, Bluegrass, Traditional Jazz, Country & Verdi operas.

Books: Mostly history, biographies, WWII, Cussler & Tom Clancy.

Food: Not a fussy eater & will tackle almost anything. Love seafood.

Films: Has to be good to keep my attention, last one I saw was Master & Commander ... not bad.

TV: Mainly the sports channels, History Ch., Discovery & Nat Geo.Dislike sitcoms & game shows of any nationality.

Drinks: Coffee. Found out at an early age that alchohol didn't like me & vice versa.

Sports: Rugby (both codes), Australian football, Cricket & Motor sports ... Sorry soccer fans !

That's about it. Now I had better see about some photos to post.

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