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Hi all! I'm Shannon, been posting a couple of days on the forums, but been lurking for a long time... I am 23, married, with one step-son and one furbaby at home. I am one of those all-round kinda gals... I love shopping and at that girly stuff, but my heart is in the wilderness. I am a big hunter, fisher, and sometimes a camper. I love all kinds of music, but you can almost bet, I'll be listening to country or classic rock at any moment.

I first realized I loved a camera when I was 12, and my step mom got me a hotpink 110 film camera. Holy cow! I thought I was something! My stepmom had to curb my picture taking, it was costing too much in film and developing a week. After I got my pictures developed, it wasn't good enough to be on paper. I had to do something with those pictures. So I started a huge collage, I cut everyone and everything out of the pictures and slapped them on huge poster boards... Who knew all of this would turn out to be my other addiction, scrapbooking... I currently have five albums going and plans for even more. Thank goodness I only have one child for the time being.

So here I am, a photographer of anything, and a scrapbooker of everything...

I am self taught in photoshop CS2 and paint shop pro 9. I am a secretary for a state aging service, I do portraitphotography on the side for people, I scrapbook, and have just recently become a member of our web-design team strictly for photography editing and enhancing... I currently shoot with a Panasonic FZ10, but have plans to move up to bigger and better; what that might be, I have no idea yet. I want constructive criticism and critiques of my photos, to not learn is to not excel.

Hi everyone!


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Hi Everyone,

Just a few facts to fleshout the person behind the pictures.

I am married, with two children, rather, they areyoung adults.

My favorite books are mysteries, specifically Harlan Coben's books. One of my favorite movies was Collateral...I like suspense and drama.

My favorite beverages are coke, coffee and once in a while, Sam Adams beer or Preseco sparkling wine.

My favorite foods are spicy and salty, and I love all ethnic foods. Here on the shore we eat a lot of steamed hard crabs,clams and oysters.

Travel, is usually to a Blue Grass Festival in the Shenendoah Mountains, my husband's taste in music, not mine. But I love the scenery!

I listen to Nickelback, Audio Slave, Kelly Clarkson, and the PussyCatDolls...and Crhistmas Carols.

Hobbies are taking pictures, reading, nature, movies, going out to eat, knitting, walking and hanging out with my family and attending church. I like to visit the wildlife refuge near my home.

Cameras: Panasonic FZ7, Olympus E-500, Fuji F10, and I am always bidding on a Fuji S Pro, on ebay, can't win one that works!

I have really enjoyed this forum, asnone of my friends enjoy photography and I think I bore them senseless with my obsession!

Thanks for your support and fellowship.

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Hi, Daniel Sonkin here. I have been reading the posts here for several months and I like the friendly and helpful atmosphere so I thought I'd join in.

I am new to the Panasonic camera world. Thanks to helpful sites such as Steve's, I bought an FX01 in May and have been having a great time with it. I recently built Fred's adapter and have been exploring the world of infrared (with a Hoya R72 filter), macro (with a Raynox 250) and telephoto (with a Tiffen 2x add-on lens) photography.

I started in photography when I was thirteen years old, but somehow I got side-tracked with graduate school (psychology), making a living and creating a family. And now after over forty years I am rediscovering my love for photography. My fifteen year old daughter is into photography too, so it is nice to share this with her. My wife (who is also a psychologist), was an avid photographer earlier in her life. She is incredibly supportive and has a great eye (literally and figuratively) so I find her feedback invaluable. In fact, I think my enthusiasm is making her think about getting back into photography. I told her this weekend that maybe I may surprise her with a new camera one of these days. The family that shoots together, hoots together?

Anyhow, I am most interested in viewing other people's photographs and posting some of mine for feedback, suggestions, etc.. I look forward to participating and getting to see the world through your eyes.
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Hi folks !! I'm just an ole cajun boy trying to enjoy what time the good Lord has left for me. I have two families ( aka divorced and remarried 21 happy years ago ).

My favorite pasttime is spending time on the " KEEPIN KOOL ", a 24 ft. pontoon boat that I converted to a weekender houseboat which I keep on the Lacassine Bayou of SW Louisiana. I always have my trusty FZ30 handy and hope to share some of the beauty of the bayou with you folks soon

My skill level would best be described as advanced point and shooter although i do enjoy givin the manual setting a whirl from time to time. My previous camera was an OLY 2100 uz which bit the dust at Seaworld in San Antonio when a very friendly dolphin at the petting pool drenched it.. nuff said.

I'm looking forward to looking and learning with ya'll

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Hi Everybody, although having browsed this thread I just didn't get to posting info about myself :roll:

So here goes,

Name Ronny Hermans, Age 46, Married and have a lovely daughter of 16

I'm a senior developer at the IT department, University of Antwerp, Belgium, Europe mostly dabble with c#, java, oracle, content management systems and anything I find usefull doing over there.


I've been Square Dancing since 1983, started calling in 1985 Photography. In 2004 I bought my first digital camera... and got hooked, bought my fz5 summer 2005 and am still very happy with it.

Got a Bike - Honda Deauville 650
Love to read (fantasy & sf)
Even though I spend my day's behind a computer screen, I still enjoy pc games (rts mostly) and spend rather a lot of my free time (whats left of it) processing images and ...

More info - not so much at http://users.telenet.be/hermans.noens

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Hello rodo from uk, favorites music rock ie deep purple , but early stuff with Ritchie blackmore of coursebest rock player I've ever seen /heard and I've seen some , rory gallager, ufo , scorpions. gary moore , msg , rainbow , jeff beck. j Hendricks, likes rock concerts ,digital cameras and cameras forums and reviews , travel, mostly far east oh Philippines the best place I've ever been nicest people superb resorts and the best nightlife and photo opportunities , food likes hot spicy ,drinks tea well i am English ,beer , married to a cute Filipino sweetie, 3 children , Job drive a London taxi cab , cameras ever changing but as now panasonic fz 2 superb for 2 mp , fz 20 ,Konica/ Minolta g 500 and kd 500, Fuji's f 11, canon a 80 , a 95 , a 610 , bought these three canons for there aa battery ie want to keep them for ever troubled about lions will they be available in 10 years , i like / want to use my cameras in later years like i use my old film cameras now, to many too mention ,in fact ANY camera i buy in the future i hope will use aa battery, dislikes include girl singers / groups. burgers / junk food ,pixels peepers, dslr cameras too big too expensive too heavy , camera reviews that are not very detailed, and tell you nothing much about the photo results, too many / most sites don't take enough trouble or time testing IMO,big ugly 4 x 4 monster cars , political correctness in the uk , panny sensors getting more and more noisy shame that ,Oh one of the worlds worst speller, ie edits,
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Hi all. Just recently bought an FZ7 and decided to join this forum. I have been using digital cameras for a few years but have just recently become interested in learning how to take photos and wanted to get a camera that will let me play and learn a little more than my old one.

So far, I am having a lot of fun and learning some things reading this forum.
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Hi all. I'm a regular on the Landscapes forum, but I recently upgraded from a Minolta A1 (see the avatar) to an FZ30 and thought I'd check in here.

I'm a 42 year old geologist with 3 kids - 15 to 9 - and a passion for landscape photography. I have a weakness for 70-80's rock and crime/mystery novels, I spend a lot of time playing and coaching hockey (field hockey, there's no ice here in Oz), and icy cold beer is my tipple of choice. I have the urge to explore and photograph the world (when I win the lottery), and feel eternally lucky to be born an Australian.

Cheers, Ollie
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Hi- another Brit (as I believe Americans call us), living in London, the capital of the world :-). Work in an inner-city library.

Love bluegrass, country music, Americana, folk and other musics of that ilk.

At the mo, have a Fuji, butexpect to be upgrading at Christmas to the FZ7, coutesy of my g/f.

My ambition is to be fluent in Photoshop.

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