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I'm not near as interesting as the rest of you here, but here goes………

My name is Paul. I am married, have three children, a wonderful wife, and a pet parrot. I really enjoy spending time with my family and watching my children grow up.

I am an Audio Engineer by trade but I have worn many different hats over the years.

I enjoy taking pictures, shooting and editing video when I get the chance. Photo editing is fun too.

Favorite Music: Most anything that is considered an oldie. Some Jazz, Symphonic and Classical. Texas style country, and some blue grass. If there is talent in it, I'll probably like it. To me, a lot of today's music just sounds the same.

Favorite Books: Bible, Time Life Wild West Series, Centennial (forgot who wrote it.) Any book that will teach me something or inspire me to do better, that includes users manuals.

Favorite Movies: LOTR 1-3. Star Wars 1,2,3,4,5, and coming soon 6. All the Pixar stuff. J Some of the Dreamworks stuff. All The Pink Panther movies (Peter Sellers)
Remember the Titans, Lots of the old sci-fi movies. Anything that has a great story line and a good ending, and can keep my attention longer than 30 min.

Favorite Foods: Good Chinese/Japanese, Navaho, Mexican, Dutch, German, Indian, (from India) Cajun, all types of Seafood, and good ole American food. (I'll try anything once.)

Favorite Drinks: Water, Tea, and Coffee, Coke-a-Cola (The real stuff) Grape Juice and other fruit drinks.

Favorite Outdoors: Going for walks on the beach or hiking in the mountains.

Cameras: Sony S50, Sony S75, Panasonic FZ1/v2, FZ15, and a GS100

Favorite Vacation Spots: That's a hard one, I really enjoy spending time in the North West, the coast is just beautiful and the redwoods are something that you just have to see for yourself. Hwy. 101 is a photographers dream! To be honest, there are very few states you can go to here in the U.S. and not find something that is beautiful to see. Sometime you just have to look harder than others.

Reading this thread has been a joy. The people here are one of the reasons I was drawn to this forum. You're all a GREAT bunch!
The lack of flame wars here is a real plus! I hope it always stays this way.

I would like to say a big THANKS to all of you that helped me out when I first came here looking for advise on the FZ15. A special thank you goes out to Bobc, and NickTrop, for going that extra mile. As you all know, these two guys are one of a kind!

Before I close this I would like to give a little advice to all new comers: If you come here to learn and share your knowledge (and pictures) with us, we welcome you with open arms. If you have come here with the intent of making trouble LEAVE NOW! We don't want you here.

Well that's it.
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well i finally purchased my FZ20 after reading your posts and seeing your pictures

1/ favorite musics : blues , Zideko ,Pink floyd, west coast music of the 60's 70's, neil young, velvet underground .....

2/ before the FZ20 ,my first digital camera, i had a minolta xg2 ( 30yrs old ) with a 35-200 zoomthat really fullfilled my needs until it gave up.

3/love travelling, and taking photos

4/food: french of course, chinese, japanese, indian... in fact i love to discover all kinds of new tastes

5/drinks: wines, same thing , i like to change and try new products

6/factoids: 50, maried 2 chds one working, living in paris, the other student in spanish, at the moment studiing in cordoba ( spain)

Glad to know a little bit about you and share those moments

Than:lol:ks Nick, Bob and all of you

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Old Dec 9, 2004, 8:41 AM   #33
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Hello everyone.
I am new to this forum, i*live in Saigon, and i am 47 year old. I work in the field of graphic design, and recently i teach in a graphic*design center.
Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, my FZ1 is always with me when i'm out of the house, the reason i got the FZ1 is*after reading*Nick's*positive comments*about his.. and i am very please with no regret after purchasing one for myself. Thanks to Nick
I started*following up to this forum couple months back, and also when*everyone had it*going with the interesting topic that caught attention (Nick's Leica lense theory).

just couple lines to introduce myself. i joined this forum cause of the interesting discussions, and also to learn new things from everyone. Anyway, i hope everyone well with your photography and in everything you do.


myself )
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Old Dec 12, 2004, 1:32 PM   #34
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Hi Fairly new to the forum, and to Digital for that matter been into photography on and off for 20 years or so, but that does not mean I am any good at it, I have 2 young kids which made it difficult to lug around a ton of SLR stuff so I bought a Minolta Z1 last Christmas, recently purchased the excellent FZ20 as an effort to get back into Photography other than the kids.

Favorite Music - Music My reason For living - I like anything well recorded (I'm and automotive audio Engineer by trade)

Favorite Books - Don't read much I have a little Lisdexia.

FavoriteMovies - Not Fussed will watch just about anything, tend to buy action movies as they do not require a lot of brain power, just right after a day of work.

Favorite Drink - Alcohol not fussy how it comes, am partial to JD though.

Favorite Food - Meat preferably cooked in alcohol, I'm a carnivore I don't eat fruit salad or vegetables. Great Diet Eh.

Camera - FZ20 of course - the wif has the Minolta now.

Favorite Outdoors - Golf and Photography, Have been known to walk climb and mountain bike, but not so much since the kids were born.

Favorite Vacation Spots - I can t remember? see the kids bit.

Favorite Forum -I have been on DCRecourse for a while but I think I may defect, you guys have a sense of humor, even the Americans:lolOk that's called sarcasm it is like a humor but does not require any intelligence)

Well Hello and If I not banned after the last comment I'm sure I get along here just fine.

Paul :|

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Old Dec 12, 2004, 10:29 PM   #35
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Here goes - My name is Mark Duke. I am 49 years old, and live in Sandy, Utah. I am married to the greatest woman in the world, with 6 children (3 boys, 3 girls), and two tremendous grandsons. I appreciate BobC's sharing, and I can relate to a point, as my oldest 3 kids (boys) all struggled for years with drugs, but all are now clean, and have been for several years. Their lives and have improved, and their happiness has greatly increased.

As far as favorites:

Music: Mostly jazz (Charlie Hunter, Pat Metheny, Dave Holland, John Scofield, Steve Khan, Cassandra Wilson, many others) but listen to and admire any individual or group with real talent - Radiohead, Steely Dan, Kelly Joe Phelps, Joni Mitchell, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Peace Orchestra - far too many to mention. Grew up on anything loud (saw Zeppelin twice!) and still love 'em all.

Movies: Anything Hitchcock, Kurosawa, old classics, and anything new or modern that challenges me to think and feel, without resorting to excess violence/profanity, etc.

Books: Anything by Kurt Vonnegut, lots of escapist Clive Cussler, and most things well written. Was particularly touched recently by Alice Sebold's "The Lovely Bones". Also enjoy and am challenged by the Scriptures.

Other Hobbies: Fishing, Photography (love my FZ20!) travel when I can afford it

Favorite places: My wife is a New Zealander (Kiwi), and we lived there for 13 years (my 3 youngest were born there. The land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand) is heaven for me, with the core of heaven in the Bay of Islands, where my wife is from. We lived in New Hampshire for 4 years, and grew to love New England. I especially love the mountains and beauty of my home state of Utah, and as many of you have found, the photographers mecca of Southern Utah. Had an opportunity to travel in China, and found it absolutely mysterious and fascinating.

Communities like this are wonderful - people sharing because of a love of something positive, in this case beautiful art, which in my opinion good photography is. For me, great music and photography evoke deep feelings more than any other art form, and I commend all of you who take so much time to contribute to help others like myself to improve in our quest to express ourselves through photography. Thanks to all!
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Hi NZnhut, good to see another kiwi (kiwi by association) on this forum. For a county of 4 million we have a good representation, us kiwis always have tender to fight above our weight.
Bay of Islands, soooooooooooo nice, I spent a couple of weeks doing a road trip of the Nth Island a few years back and the Bay of Islands was my favourite place by far. Hope you enjoy your FZ20 and return to NZ as it does have the most beautiful landscape in the world.
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Old Dec 14, 2004, 5:13 PM   #37
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Ta, Treemonkey! While your in Oz, I'm sure you will take advantage of some beautifulscenery there also. Haven't done much traveling in NSW, but did spend some time in the Blue Mountainsup at Leura, which was gorgeous. Got some fairly good pictures on my old Rolleiflex SLR of some Rainbow Lorikeets and Gallah's, as well as the Three Sisters (I think that's it).Sydney Harbour is also beautiful. Anyway, thanks for the post. And yes, I am having fun with my FZ20 - love her more every day!
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Old Dec 17, 2004, 1:15 PM   #38
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Son of a jazz singer who met my father when she sang at a dance marathon in Minneapolis. Played with a large number of bands beginning in the 60s and running into the mid 80s. Saw the Beatles live in Minneapolis. Still play guitar for recreation.

AA in Electronics Technology

BA Sociology

MA Sociology

Father of six children (all with the same mother)—two still at home, 9[suP]th[/suP] grader and 5[suP]th[/suP] grader.

Favorite musicians (in no significant order):



Jackson Browne


John Mellencamp

Compulsive reader

Three digital cameras—Olympus D510Z, Olympus C-720 UZ, Panasonic FZ10.

Currently working as a Quality manager for a medium sized electronic company.
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Old Dec 18, 2004, 12:30 AM   #39
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Favorite Movies: Akira Kurosawa's Ran and also his movie Seven Samurai, the Indiana Jones movies, Happy Gilmore. Usually favor seeing comedy or action movies.

Favorite Foods: Burgers, Tacos, Chicken fried steak, Pasta with a good sauce, Cheesecake with cherry topping. Nope, I'm definitely not on the Atkins diet.

Cameras: 35mm - Nikon EM, Canon Rebel Ti. Digital - Nikon CP 950, Lumix FZ-20.

Favorite Outdoors: Fishing, nature hikes.

Married, we have two boys (9 and 10), and an abundance of pets (2 dogs, cat, rabbit, 5 cockatiels. Have been into photography off and on since I was a teenager, and usually I prefer outdoor to indoor photography. Love up close nature shots of distant birds and animals using telephoto lenses.
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Books: Dune, The Stand, LOTR, lots of non-fiction. Any horizontal surface is fair game to stack upon is my motto.

Drink: Crown and Coke, Wheat beers, ok most beer. Baileys and Coffee.

Music: Live, Floyd, Billy Joel, U2, Live Blues guitar

Camera: FZ20 (my first real camera)

Absolutely Love: My Wife!

Movies: Apocalypse Now, The Big Lebowski, True Lies, The Godfather Part II, Moulin Rouge, Lawrence of Arabia, South Park the Movie, Blade Runner, Dr. Strangelove, Pulp Fiction, enough already...

About me: Matt, Age 36, Living in Indianapolis, grew up in Michigan. Just got married on Sept 11, 2004. I now have two awesome boys, 15 and 8. Started a software development company with a good friend originally from India. I enjoy writing, cooking, camping, Home Theater and automation, being a smart $#@, and now my FZ20.
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