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Old Dec 27, 2004, 7:25 PM   #41
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Hello all!!!


I'm Marco Tulio, from Puebla City, Mexico. 33 years old.Married with 2 child (7 & 5 yo)


Formerly I am an Electrical and Telecommunications Engineer. I have worked in Telecommunications industy for 10 years, having great positions such as RF Engineering Manager in Nextel and Chief Engineering Officer at Ultravision (Nationwide TV Operator).During 2004 I discovered myself and my passion: Photography (and my wife and child, of course). I'm planning to leave my Engineer Carreer and start as Photogrpher. I know I have to practice, study, practice, and practice a lot!!!!. I'm an amateur now!!!


I like New Age, Jazz, Chill-Out, Trance music and, of course, Mexican Mariachi!!!


Some weeks ago I saw "HERO", a Chineese production. It has the best photography I have ever seen!!!


I like Chineese, Japaneese but my passion is Mexican Food: Tacos, Tamales, Tostadas and TEQUILA!!! :?

You can see my picture on the left, and below is my family at Xochicalco Pyramids!!

Please receive all my Best Warm Wishes for 2005!!!!!

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Old Dec 30, 2004, 5:14 PM   #42
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Hey there Mark Duke. I lived in Midvale (700 eats 7800 south for a year and 3 years in Tooele. In Missouri now and man do I miss those beautiful mountains!

And dinner at that Mexican restauratn, I believe Quilas

regards! :-)
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Old Dec 30, 2004, 5:15 PM   #43
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and yes I can spell. Every day except today!
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Old Dec 30, 2004, 10:09 PM   #44
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Hmmm...Hi, I'm Roger, and I'm a photo-holic!

I hail from Oxford, Indiana, home of Dan Patch, the race horse...ask you grandparents, they will remember him!

I work as an Electronic Technician for the US Postal Service, and I'm 51 years young...unless it's morning, than I'm about 90 years old. I'm happily married, with two daughters at home, 3 dogs, 2 cats, six birds, two turtles, and fish. And about the same number of computers...

Hobbies: I build and fly radio controlled airplanes, and that takes a LOT of my time. I have about 20 of them, with a lot of kits waiting. My largest is 35% of the full-scale plane. I also collect Scripto Vu Lighters from the 60's and 70's. Got one?? Need some cash??? We are also redoing a 113 year old Victorian house. Got some cash???

Cameras: I started taking pics at about 13 years old. I currently have 7 or 8 Konica SLR's, and 30 lenses and all the goodies, and 2 older digitals, and now, the FZ20 which I am very happy with.

Music: I like all kinds, from bluegrass to folk to Swing to rockapella. Currently, I am enthralled by the voice of Hayley Westenra. Check her out, if you get the chance.

Books: I read an average of a book a day. Anything from Dean Koontz to Tom Clancy. I have lot's of free time at work...

Food: Whatever is in my mouth at the time.

Drink: Whatever is in my hand at the time.

Vacation: We own a million year old RV, and we like to load the planes in the trailer, and go flying. My 13 year old daughter is learning how to fly, so the family that fly's together, BUYS together. We leave it parked at a campsite otherwise, where there's a small airstrip.

Enough about me - let's talk about you....

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Old Jan 7, 2005, 8:33 PM   #45
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Hi... Thank you all for your great posts and discussions thathelped me choose which camera to purchase.

My hobbies include my 3 Schipperke's, trains (steam of course), my new camera, and my 60 HP Case Steam Traction Engine.

Myphoto history is pretty limited, a bit of photography inhigh school many years ago, then a simple point and shoot film for several years. My first digital was an Olympus C-700.I never learned much about it other than using it in auto mode but something told meI needed a new camera a few months ago.Somehow I came acrossthe FZ20 and decided it was for me.Right now, it's way more camera than I can use, but slowlyI am learning it thanks to all of you.

favorite music - Country (Alan Jackson) and Gospel (Gaither Vocal Band)

favorite food - pretty much anything mexican - the more green chili, the better!

My favorite vataion spot - Cumbres and Toltec Railroad Chama New Mexico - you can't beat the mountains and a Steam Train.

This was taken last summer with the Oly - it will have to work until I can get back with my new FZ20!
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Old Jan 13, 2005, 1:01 AM   #46
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Hey! Another Steam Train Nut!!! Not many of these old steamers left in operational condition.. Sometimes I think I was born too late. Most of what I like was gone or obsolete by 1960 (born 1963).. The only steamers I've ever seen actually running were the ones in Durango CO. a few years ago. Love that cinder smell! If you want to see the full scope of my train interests you can visit my website... It's still very much a work in progress.

http://www.rolleiman.com/ and hit the model railroading link at the left.

Cameras. Been interested since dad gave me my first instamatic in 1972. A few others later on and finally the Olympus OM1. I still have the OM1 (lot of history with it) but now for 35mm I use an OM4. Also I'm into medium format, mostly black and white though I do shoot color and chrome sometimes. I have a darkroom for processing my own film and prints. I also dabble in large format sometimes with my fathers' old Graflex speed graphic. Pretty much anything that captures light, I enjoy playing with it.

Digital, I've owned 2.. The Fuji DS300 Pro I've been using for the last 6 years and the Panasonic FZ20 I recently purchased. I'm still learning it's ins and outs but so far I think it's a fantastic camera. Everytime I read through these forums I learn more about it.

Personal.. Just turned 41, Single (no intention of getting married), Don't drink but eat too much. A couple other bad habits come in and out of my life but drugs was never one of them. I've seen too much of it does with my sister.

Travel, I'll go just about everywhere I can get to by car or train. If it involves an airplane I leave it for other folks.

By training, I'm an Electrical Engineer, graduated from Wayne State University in 1990. Currently, Self employed.

Musical interests, pretty much anything before Rap and Seattle grunge. Can't stand either of them though I did like Eminems video spoof of Michael Jackson (can't stand him either). Primarily I like Old country, Bluegrass, Classic Rock, Swing, Blues.

Reading interests, anything where I can learn something new.

Religion: Non specific.

Dislikes: Crowds of people, Bars, and Politicians. Somehow the 3 of them go together

That's about it for now.. Glad to meet all of you.

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Old Jan 14, 2005, 10:00 AM   #47
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Just joined the forum. My FZ20 (in silver ) arrived yesterday.


1. Favorite Music: Smooth Jazz/New Age - Keiko Matsui (check her out, she's awesome) and Melodic/Progressive Trance.

2. Favorite Books: Don't read :?

3. Favorite Movies: Cinema Paradiso (have all three versions), Shine, The Insider, Il Postino, City of God, LOTR trilogy, Stand and deliver

4. Favorite Foods: Greek (I'm greek), Thai

5. Favorite Drinks: Chocolate milk lolll, and good red wine

6. Favorite Outdoors: Tennis

7. Cameras: FZ20, Fuji Finepix 2800

8. Favorite Vacation Spots: Thailand, Greek Islands

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Old Jan 17, 2005, 3:05 AM   #48
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Hi All

Nice to meet you. I've just started posting here recently and thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. Sorry I'm not into lists. I'll do it my way.

My name is John. I was born in Oz 57 years ago. I became a refugee from Western materialism two years ago and took early retirement to live, travel and learn about life in SE Asia or wherever else takes my fancy.

Rather than the label of photographer, I consider myself to be a visual artist who got lazy. Back in the days when I used paint and canvas my objective was never to create a beautiful picture. There are plenty of people around doing that. They produce hundreds of versions of the same picture. My objective was to learn. I would approach every picture with a question like 'If I do this, what will happen?' It never concerned me when people didn't understand or like my paintings. I didn't need their approval. That was never what I painted for. I would like to think that I approach photography with the same attitude. Therefore I might post something here that includes a really crappy shot and ask for advice on how to improve it.

I believe the most important photographic accessory is the eye behind the viewfinder. Some years back, in the pre-digital era I was in a camera shop where I had recently bought a camera. Sorry, I can't remember the make. I don't have it now. It was stolen. But it was a common-brand 35 mm compact. In those days the shops sent film out for processing. While I was there a batch of pics came in. The assistant took a quick look through the delivery. He got excited, 'Oh, here are the first shots that so&so did with his new Nikon.' I couldn't afford a Nikon but I was interested in seeing just what such a camera could do. It was terribly disappointing. They were snaps that could have been taken just as easily with any cheap camera.

My present camera is a Kodak DC265 that I have owned for five years and is starting to get a bit wonky. About a year ago I was browsing around the shops of Singapore and was impressed by the long zoom of a Panasonic FZ10. I like taking candid shots. Many Asian people love to pose. I figured such a camera would enable me to get some distance from my subjects. The guy in the shop was really keen to sell it to me but I wasn't convinced. I began reading, trying to figure if this is the best camera for my many purposes. Since then of course the FZ20 has come out. Thanks largely to the reviews on this site and the postings from you guys I have finally decided to buy one. I made that decision on Friday last week.

On Saturday came the news that Panasonic is going to announce some new models next month for release in the not too distant future. So, once again, I will put off buying my camera. Would like to see what the new offerings are first. Looks like my visit to Angkor Wat in two weeks will be done with the Kodak.

If you are still reading and would like to know more about me, perhaps you would be interested to check out my website: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~johnshield


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emsox wrote:
Wow... there are a lot of old people here...
And i thought old and young is a relative term:?
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[*]Current Age: 22 [/*][*]Current Residence: AL; But not forever, I will get out of the Black Hole [/*][*]Interests: reading, writing, music, movies, games, pool, learning photography, web design [/*][*]Favourite movie: Labyrinth; Taxi; Shrek 2; RHPS; The Last Samurai [/*][*]Favourite band or musician: Foo Fighters; Everclear; Incubus; Linkin Park; Disturbed; Godsmack; and many many more [/*][*]Favourite genre of music: Rock/alternative; Classical; a little bit of everything, just depends on my mood [/*][*]Favourite artist: MC Escher [/*][*]Favourite poet or writer: Edgar Allan Poe; Sylvia Plath [/*][*]Favorite Food: Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican.. hmm, i eat all kinds of foods [/*][*]Favorite Drink: Sweet tea extra lemon, dr pepper, mello yellow, Tequila Rose, Strawberry daquiris, margaritas, just about anything fruity with no overwhelming alcohol taste.. i hardly ever drink, maybe 3 times a year =P [/*][*]Operating System: Currently using XPpro and Mac OSX, and have a linux box [/*][*]MP3 player of choice: iPod & WMP & iTunes on Mac [/*][*]Shell of choice: Scallop and Whelk =P [/*][*]Wallpaper of choice: My puss in boots; currently making my own (slowly but surely) [/*][*]Skin of choice: someone elses, but unfortunately mine has to do for now [/*][*]Favourite game: Dark Age of Camelot & Expansions, WoW kinda, FFVIII, WoW, Sims ^.^, American McGees Alice [/*][*]Favourite gaming platform: PC [/*][*]Favourite cartoon character: JHTM, Gir-Invader Zim; Cheshire Cat-Alice in Wonderland; Puss in Boots-Shrek 2; Teen Titans; Gohan [/*][*]Personal Quote: "The child in me loves the boy he used to be." not the greatest quote but it made my friend cry. [/*][*]Tools of the Trade: kodak CX7300, Panasoic FZ20; learning photoshop; pens; pencils; paper; journal [/*][*]Marital Status: married with 4 yr old son from previous marriage [/*][*]Employment Status: housewife, mother, looking into colleges but wont be able to start till after my son starts school[/*]
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