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Just found this site. This is my second post.

Age: Old as Dirt.

Name: T Bird and Yes...I drive one. But not a classic.

Music: Some classical and old time rock & roll (50's style...I told you I was old as dirt.)

Hobbies: Photography, Amateur Radio W4WUL, and writing.

Book: Favorite book: "The Alaska Incident" by WTBird....because I wrote the darn thing.

Movies: James Bond & Indianna Jones type movies. Sci Fi movies like Star Trek.

Education: BA in Psychology.

Work: Retired and loving it.

I do write articles for http://www.apogeephoto.com and have for several years. That keeps my mind working some. Back in the 1970s I entered photo exhibits world wide through the PSA exhibitions.

Favorite Place: Besides Florida...I'd say Crete. Can't beat the water either place. I grew up in Florida and love the water.

Cameras: I have had many different Nikon film cameras until I bought a Panasonic FZ-1. Loved it so much that I got a FZ-15 and have sold all my film equipment. I have about 10,000 slides (been at this over 40 yrs) so still use an HP slide scanner.

Married with a very tolerant wife. Daughter is grown and has us two grandkids.

Favorite foods: Shrimp and oysters.

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nzmacro wrote:
Thank goodness for change Bob. Just shows how strong you really are mate. A lot of respect for those that can pull through it all. Some I know, never made it. Good on ya Bob.

Hi! NOt sure if I am actually doing this correctly. I am new to this. Today is the first time I have posted or tried to. My name is Gail. I am married to a wonderful man and we live in a small town in Southwestern Louisiana in the heart of Cajun COuntry which has some of the best food in the world. I just had to comment on the HONEST GUY'S testimonial. I know exactly what he's talking about as my oldest daughter who is now an RN fell to the BOTTOM also. IT's a terrible life. Your story touched me and I just wanted to say THANKS for sharing and being the honest person you are today. Gail J.
Oh yea....The reason I am here. I almost forgot.I am trying to buy a Lumix DM FZ20 in black. I tried B&H but they are sold out and on back order. I have checked with many of the sites where you check the different sellers and their reputations. To be honest with you, I am AFRAID. We're going on an Alaskan Cruise soon and we want this camera for the trip. I might add that this will be our FIRST digital. We know only what I have learned from reading different forums and thanks to a few really super people who have written me (email) with very educational info.
What is a good place and of course, GOOD PRICE, other than B&H and KEH. My email is [email protected]. Thanks.....
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Hello one and all.
This is my first post here and I thought there's no better way to start things off than by adding to NickTrop's thread.

Name: Brian Hart (AKA) TheHartster

1. Favorite Music: This varies from night to day. All 80's Heavy Metal, Christian Rock, Country (to a certain extent), Techno, Jazz. Favorite group would be the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

2. Favorite Books: Any book under 30 pages.

3. Favorite Movies: JAWS (the original)

4. Favorite TV: (had to add this) SEINFELD!!!

5. Favorite Foods: I'm a very a picky eater. When I was growing up my mother only made hot dogs and meatloaf. So I have to say I'll eat anything that has no more than three colors in it.

6. Favorite Drinks: Sounds stupid, but I love grape juice.

7. Favorite Outdoors: Believe it or not, projects around the house.

8. Cameras: First one I don't remember. Second one was an Olympus 2100UZ. Third one was a Canon Powershot G2 but as of one month ago, I am the proud owner of a FZ20K.

9. Vacation Spots: Anywhere there is crystal clear water (and that doesn't mean my bathtub).

Factoids: 38 year old male. Been married for 15 years to the same beautiful woman (Amy). I have an 11 year old son (Jeremy). Two cats(Columbus and Isabella). A dog (Chester). I have been in the printing business for the last 13 years.
I run a Heidelberg SM 74 Speedmaster 6 color with tower coater and perfecter. I have a BA in nothing and a BS in quite a few things. I enjoy teaching "myself" Photo Shop, Flash MX and Web design. I have been quietly sneaking around in this forum for the past couple of months before deciding on my next camera, but you guys won me over, so I got an FZ.
Thanks for all your input which I absorbed before my purchase. Oh yea, one more thing. I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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Hi all! I'm Alan -

1. favourite music - folk, baroque, 20th C classical. Especially Bach and Milhaud

2. favourite books - anything. compulsive reader. I'll readcereal packets if need be...

3. favourite films - princess bride, james bond, shakespeare, mission cleopatre

4. foods - mexican, chinese, indian- anything except sushi

5. favourite drinks - a nice red, a dry white, a good bitter

6. favourite outdoors - citywalking

7. cameras - chronologically: zenit e (hurrah!), cosina csm, olympus pen ee3, nikon f2, canon eos300, olympus mju2, ricoh gr1, olympus c2000z, minolta X20, FZ3 (due Monday 28/2)i love compacts. the best camera is the one you have with you.

8. favourite holiday places - south africa (once!), france

factoids - 45 ish, colour blind, preacher, flutist, ex-dba, bsc biology, welshman, married, 2 bilingual children (welsh/english), soon to move to france to work.
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Great idea, this topic. Using Nick's original post as a guide, this is me:

1) Favorite music - Brian Eno's ambient music; Philip Glass; Paul Hindemith, Aaron Copeland; Cool Jazz, especially Miles Davis and John Coltrane, the Modern Jazz Quartet; Howard Roberts, Machine Love http://www.machinelove.com/, Monkeybacon, The Residents, Neil Young's earlier stuff, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead and I've probably left out a bunch.

2) favorite books/authors: Italo Calvino - especially Marcovaldo or Seasons in the City, The Castle of Crossed Destinies, Cosmicomics, Mr. Palomar, Invisible Cities

Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, Lord Jim

W. Somerset Maugham - The Razor's Edge, the Ashendon stories.

P. G. Wodehouse - makes me laugh out loud. I love all the Bertie and Jeeves stories and Stanley Featherstonehough Ukridge, and the Golf stories.

Loren Eisley - The Immense Journey is my favorite, but all of his books are very, very good. Eisley was a scientist and a humanist, a rare individual who thought about our place in nature and what it means to be human, about our responsibilities towards other species, the difference between science and technology and knowledge and wisdom, about life, the Universe and everything. Read the Secret of Life, the last chapter in The Immense Journey. It's poignant, insightful, poetic, and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Ray Bradbury - The Martian Chronicles is one of my favorites. I believe that it will endure, entering the canon of great literature to be taught in universities for centuries to come, or until we ruin the planet and enter a new dark age. He uses an alien culture to elucidate our own, and explores what it means to be human.

Isaac Azimov, Robert Heinlen, Frank Herbert, Stanislaw Lem (try Pirx the Pilot. Excellent!)

Graham Greene

Don Delillo - everything he's written.

Lewis H. Lapham's essays in Harpers. Erudite, witty. urbane. politically astute with a razor sharp sarcasm. He can put the iron in irony.

And many more. Asking me about my favorite book is like asking about my favorite ice cream or the best sex I ever had - the worst I ever had was wonderful!

3) Favorite movies: Night of the Iguana, Tennessee Williams' play on the silver screen with Richard Burton, Ava Gardener and Diane Kerr. It's my all time favorite by far.

The Lion in Winter with Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn.

Blithe Spirit with Rex Harrison and ? I've forgotten.

North by Northwest with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint. And just about anything else by Hitchcock. Cary Grant starred in four of his movies.

Blade Runner - another work that explores what it means to be human, in a prophetic and brooding manner. This is not just a sci-fi, action movie. It is much, much more than that, with deeply probing philosophical questions. It's richly layered, full of nuance and poetry. Just listen to the final sololiquy by Rutger Hauer's character as he lies there dying; consider his final act of redemption as he saves the life of Deckard; feast your eyes on the wonderful cinematography as Hauers' character expires and the doves on the rooftop ascend into shafts of light. Powerful, very powerful. And the soundtrack by Vangelis is perfect.

4) Favorite food - Japanese, especially sushi. Just about any ethnic soul food, especially Italian, Greek, Spanish, Cuban, Indian, Mexican, Cajun and the American South. Oh, and let's not forget the wonderful delis in the urban Northeast. I lived in Philadelphia for a while and love those cheesesteaks! And hotdogs, or sausage dogs, from the street vendors in NYC. Umm. I'm getting hungry!

5) Favorite drinks - I don't drink much anymore but I'm partial to a good, spicy Bloody Mary, Bushmill's Irish whiskey, Single Malt Scotch whiskey, the wonderful ales of Great Britian. Now I'm thirsty! But i'll probably just have some good North Carolina mountain spring water for now. It's a little early for alcohol, though I'm sure it's five o'clock somewhere.


6) Favorite outdoor activity - hiking along a mountain stream, looking for my favorite native wildflowers, mushrooms, ferns. Turning over rocks just to see what's underneath. I also love gardening, horticulture, outdoor photography.

7) Cameras - used to have an old Konica SLR, before someone stole it. Took mostly pictures of clouds and sunsets,landscapes, astrophotography. I have an FZ-20 now. Love it! My wife loves her Fujifilm Finepix 3100.

8) Favorite vacation spots - Love the southern Appalachians. Asheville, NC has fantastic night life, many fine art galleries, a vibrant street scene and easy access to some of the most rugged and beautiful wilderness in east of the Mississippi. The NC Outer Banks are nice too. The Southwest, the Sangre de Christos and the Spanish Peaks in southern Colorado. Would love to see all of Great Britain, actually all of Europe. Have been to Jamaica and the Carribean a few times. Loved Jamaica, but probably won't return. Had some unpleasantness there back in the late '80's.

9) Favorite religion - Buddhism.

Some personal data: Born in Ft. Benning, GA on November 11, 1957. My father was career army and served in the Korean War and two tours in Viet Nam. Viet Nam broke his heart and made him very distrustful of our government.

I'm a liberal democrat and proud of it!

We moved thirteen times between my birth and high school graduation. I've lived from Alaska to Florida and graduated from high school in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas in 1975. Go Pioneers! Kind of a homebody today.

I've always loved reading. My mother was an English teacher. I went from Dick and Jane to Dr. Suess to Old Yeller to the Iliad and the Odyssey. (My life has been an odyssey.)

I absolutely love puns, malapropisms, Tom Swifties, shaggy dog stories and other wordplay. Here are some of my best efforts:

"Ha, ha. I stole your candy bar," he snickered.

"Oh, what a lovely fountain," she gushed.

"Take off your trousers," she panted.

"Hmm, maybe I should go down to the old swimming hole," he pondered.

I'm a Land Surveyor and have an associate degree in Horticulture.

I'm also a Certified Nursing Assistant, not by choice so much as by necessity. My wife, Nanci, nearly died in 1999, shortly before we were to be married, after she developed sepsis, an infection (idiopathic) that got into her bloodstream. She started having grand mal seizures, went into a coma, and had a stroke after her blood pressure dropped to almost nothing.

The doctors told me she would not live another twenty-four hours. I refused to accept that and remained by her side for the next three months. When she was discharged from the hospital, she was in diapers and could not dress herself, feed herself or perform any of the other activities of daily living without assistance. She even had to relearn how to talk. I took a leave of absence from work for almost a year.

After a year of therapy she was almost back to normal. (Of course, neither one of us was exactly what you could call normal before all that.)


Today, she still has a gait and balance disorder, requiring a walker to get around the house, a cane and my arm when we go out. and her short term memory is not as good as it once was, but she is enjoying life and we love each other very much. She has been very good for me, an inspiration and a blessing. We have a nurse named Tori who stays with her during the day while I'm at work. Life is sometimes a struggle, sometimes even tragic, but darn it's good!

Well, I'm sure you're tired of me by now. Here's my Nanci:
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My name is George. I live in a suburb of Chicago. I have a BS in computer science and currently write and maintain process control models for a steel company. I am 53 and have been married for the last 14 years. I have three grown children and 6 grandkids.

Favorite music the Stones. end of subject

Books: I am currently reading the Red, Green and Blue Mars trilogy by Kim Robinson.

Movies: I will watch just about anything. i.e. Bridget Jones Diary, there were only three guys in the audience. Not a bad movie.

In this area, you got to love Mexican food.

Currently own a FZ20, an Olympus 3000C, a Pentax MX, various point and shoots a couple of Poloroids, and my grandfathers 4x5 camera, interchangable backs for roll film, cut film and glass negatives circa 1910.

Hobbies: biking, computers and photography.

Vacations: Berlin was cool, just not the day before we invaded Iraq. Caught in a huge protest rally, tried our best to look Canadian. Sorry about that. Iceland was surreal. Everyone should go there at least once. Only European capital city that I know of where you can see an occasional horse race through the downtown.
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Hey guys. I just wanted to say that I've sold my panasonic fz10. So you won't be hearing anything from me here now.

I haven't posted anything in a while.. because of the lack of comments. But i've bought a canon eos 10D now. So i'm moving on the the professional (dutch) forum.

Wish you guys all the best luck and happy shooting.
Panasonic still remains the best consumer cam #1.

cheers Tim
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OK then, here I go.......

I am 46,male andlive in NW England. I have been into photography for many years (used to have a Pentax 35mm SLR a looooong time ago) I use a Canon G1 for work (asbestos surveying) that takes OK pics for my reports.

Towards the latter end of last year, I wanted a better digicam with a long zoom. I came VERY close to getting a Nikon D70 with a couple of lenses but then read reports on the FZ20. These reports made my mind up, so I bought the Pana. Never regretted it....

I have been lurking on this forum now for a few weeks, but haven't had the courage to post any of my shots (they are nowhere near as good as the ones I see on here, but there again, I am still learning!)

A few personal bits....

Married with 2 sons (19 and 17....troubles with kids don't get less as they grow up, they just get different!)

Music...rock rock or rock....went to see Rammstein (German metal band) a couple of weeks ago, they were awesome)

Books...any good book with either humour or a twist...Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Harlan Corben, Michael Donnelly.

Food...yes please, lots of it!

Drink..anything with alcohol

That's about it.

You all seem a nice bunch of peeps, and I look forward to the day that I dare post a pic! (if anyone can pm me with the instructions on how to post a pic and the recommended size, it would be most welcome:?)

Look forward to being a bit more involved......


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Ok I'll keep it as short as I can. My name is Mark and im 27yr.s ex ART student, currently creating/Designing your junk mail "LOOK MA I MADE IT!!!"

MUSIC: Otis Redding, Charles Wright, Nirvana, Rancid, Nerf herder to name a few.

BOOKS: So many books so little time. IT, Nobody gets out Alive ( Jim Morrison Bio) any books by Mathew Reily, David Eddings, Conn Ingulden, E.A.Poe and many many more.

MOVIES: Huge movie fan-boy. here are a few of my favs.
Eternal sunshine on a spotless mind, STARWARS tril (old) City of lost children, Planet of the Apes ( ori),Rocky (A beautiful study of flawed, REAL characters.) Any Tim Burton movies ( well Almost any) Currently going thru all of Akira Kurasawa's movies.

FOOD: Indian, Japanese and Subway. Currently attempting to make Sushi.

DRINKS: Any Brown Brothers RED wine, Tequila, Guinness.

CAMERAS: basic Kodak Digital ( came free with phone) and my FZ20.

FACTOIDS: Married with a beautiful wife and have a equally beautiful 6mth old Daughter
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Check on the first few forum topics, or click on help....plenty of good pointers to get you posting. RRRRamstein, eh? My son is nutso about'em. How were they? Any hi lites of the show? He'd love to hear about them from someone who's actually seen them live. (I have heard them over and over naturally, our computers are side by side....) Interesting to hear you chose the FZ20 over the D70. Might help me make up M Y mind. Best regards,

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