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Stevie Ray is the greatest, hands down. Good to know you.
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Alejandro shortform Ale, but I'm not a beer nor it's pronounced like it.

Age: 24 (1980)
Location: Montevideo - Uruguay - South America
- Electronica (Breakbeat, BigBeat, Ambient, Electronic Punk, Athmospheric Drum n Bass). Aphex Twin, Aphrodite,Boards of Canada,Fluke, Martin Bennett, Omni Trio, Orbital, Telefon Tel Aviv, The Chemical Brothers,The Future Sound of London andThe Prodigy.
- Bagpipes, solos and pipe bands, Great Highland Bagpipe, Shuttle Pipes, Smallpipes. Ann Gray, Field Marshall Montgomery, Gordon Duncan, Robert Mathieson, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Simon Fraser University, The 78th Fraser Highlandersand Victoria Police Pipe Band.

Books: I don't read books, I don't like them, the only books I read are about PCs and cars.
Drinks: Baileys (never got drunk in my life )
Food: Capeletti a la Caruso, mostly italian food, I'm spaniard and italian descendant.
- Digital: Olympus D-360L
- Not Digital: Minolta SRT 303

Vacation: Any peaceful place and also a place where I can do a lot of stuff.
Outdoors: Fishing, walking, riding my bike (already got two accidents with it)
Education: Car mechanic, PC building & maintenance.
Hobbies: playing the Great Highland Bagpipe (I play in a band) and Shuttle Pipes, electronics and modding PCs.

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Hi everybody
I'm new on the forum, but I've been checking Steve's reviews regularly for about 2 years now. I'm working with animation and illustration. Also freelancing as game designer for mobile phone games. I like to photograph my travels and people around me. The last 3 years I've been increasingly taking pictures. I have been following the progress of Sigma and Foveon, eagerly been awaiting the Foveon equipped Polaroid x530. During the wait I've decided that this year will be the year I buy my first dSLR camera. Perhaps a Canon 350 D if nothing else that competes shows up.

I'm a vegetarian... that eat fish.
I cook a lot... but I rarely use the oven.
I'm half Swedish half Greek... living in Norway.
I'm 189 cm tall... and I have no idea what that means in foot and inches.
Last week I made my first public performance as a pianist... on one song during my girlfriend's band's concert... where I was handling the light.
I'm born in Sweden 1976... the year of the dragon.
I speak Swedish, Norwegian, English well. Almost OK German. Pretty lousy Greek and Japanese.
I like music a lot.. but I'm so tired of most of the music I hear, so I will record my own album during this year.

Check out my homepage if you're interested in seeing the animations I'm doing.
See you in the forum.

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Hi everyone, my name is David. I wasborn and raised in Malta but now residing in Toronto, Canada.

Favourate Music: 60's to 80's pop and rock with Abba being #1 on my hit list.

Favourate Food: Japanese, especially sushi, and Thai and lobster

Favourate Drink: I'll share a Rickers Red with ya any time.

Favourate Reading: History especially WWII

Favourate Passtimes: Bicycling, boating, fishing, hiking, pool and obviously photography.

Equipment: Minolta X700 (35mm film camera), Olympus C2100UZ and just upgraded(one week ago)to a Panasonic DMC FZ-20.

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My name is Ed. In high school I was an AV nerd.(now I'm a photo nerd):| But that being said, it gave me the great opportunity to learn from a retired professional photographer who took care of the AV dept. to keep busy.

He taught us old school photography, from taking the shot to doing the darkroom work (we even rolled our own film),And I've been in love with taking pictures since.

I went digital about 5 years ago with a casio ex3000 and have never looked back. Doing what I call my darkroom work is so much easier on the computer than the old fashioned way, plus it doesn't smell as bad. :G I've now got a FZ10 and loving it.

Well that's about it.

Just remember "Wherever you go, that's where you'll be."
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Hi all

New here. I will buy my Fz20 next week on a trip to SF area (headquarters visit).

Work at Hitachi Data Systems.

Country - Brazil

Photo Gear - Canon 20D, Canon A-95 and 1 week from Pana Fz20

First of all, thanks for this great forum and I hope to learn a lot from you and after start to help others.

Best for all

Chris Fabbri
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Hi group!

Very new to this forum, but already discovered it's one of the best photgrahpy ones on the web!

I had a Canon T70 SLR for many years then moved onto a Powershot A10 for a couple of years, but rarely used it much - and then really only for "snapping", but now wish to get in photography a lot more. Looking to buy a FZ20, but just hanging on for a few weeks before I do.

Born in Southampton, England, moved to Wales a year ago and wouldn't go back!

A carpenter by trade, have set up on my own and things are going quite well. Lovely girlfriend ,Wanda, who i'm just buying a house with.

I have a very warped sense of humour and try to look on the brighter side of life:?.

Favorite things. Books, Wind in the Willows and, most things by Bill Bryson.

Don't watch Movies but am a bit of a "Trekkie". Like Friends, Will and Grace, Frasier. I also like humour that takes the micky out of real life, like Mr Bean (the original english TV ones) Open all hours (Ronnie Barker/David Jason)and Fawty Towers (John Cleese) as well as a few home improvement programs. (God, I'd love Norm's workshop in the New Yankee Workshop! - mind you I'd like to be able to produce his work as well:lol:

Music, Most music that has a melody, but Love Tina Turner, Queen, Eva Cassidy and some smooth Jazz.

Food. anything unhealthy especially burgers, Kebabs, Chinese and Indian. (Actually I do eat quite healthly, but still crave a good Mcadonalds.)

Hobbies, Internet, Music, My dog (Kizzy) walking, wildlifeand soon photgraphy. Looking forward to getting a Garden again in our new house.

Holidays. Turkey - fascinating and lovely, Bahamas - really nice, Florida has to be seen to be believed, I absolutly adore France and will hopefully move there one day.

That's it for me, and I look forward to getting to know you all that little bit better over the next few weeks.

Woody (Mark)
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I am 'the' MIP.
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Hi everyone, It's very interesting to read about everyone. Such a varied group and yet all brought together bytwo mainthings....The panasonic camera and photography. Thanks Nick, for this idea. I'll always be greatful for your post," Don't be shy" It's opening up a whole new world to me. My favorite music is music of the 60's era, broadway musicals,and some classical. My favorite books are mostly non fiction...history books and some historical novels. I do alot of genealogical research and documentation. I'm not very big on movies but I like nature documentaries. I do like broadway musicals and comedies. My favorite foods are seafood, fresh fruits and veggies and anything Italian(married an Italian) I enjoy a good drink after a long day...a good reisling and I like after diner late harvest reislings....also a good matini..all kinds. My favorite vacation spot would be:LONDON, Hawaii, Ashville, N.C.and the surrounding mountain areas, mountain hiking in Colorado, and spending time in the towns where my ancestors lived. I was born in Florida, 5th generation......received a BA in History.....married for 37 years to my first husband, 4 children(all grown) and love my cockapoos, Bentley and Beemer.......I enjoy playing tennis 3 to 4 times a week for fun and exercise. I have had two bouts of cancer, breast and lymphoma and by the grace of God am still here and a able to see the world around me. Thanks to all of you for any advice and encouragement that you all have given me and will give to further a wonderful hobby.
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Im Rich

Live in the UK

I am currently dealing with Lyme disease after picking it up somewhere on A Round the World backpacking trip which is how I got into photography and the the fz10. Wished I'd started years before- both photography and travelling.

Favourite places- Alaska, SE Asia/S. America

Favourite animals- dangerous ones. Got some Kodiak bears from 15 feet amongst others. It was a magical day.

Favourite drinks- English ales. Sorry Yankee buddies but it was hard finding decent beer over there but the micro breweries are reversing that in some places. Tequila- only for the fond memories of teaching my Ohio buddy how Englishmen drink LOL on many marathon sessions. He loved the floor of his porch! Happy days.

Films: Last samurai, Kurosawa films, Thelma and Louise, Emerald Forest, Braveheart, Michael Collins

Books: Too numerous to mention

Interests: Martial arts, Hypnosis and NLP, travelling, Photography, Qi Gong

Currently trying to write a few books and finding it very hard work.

Nice to read about others

Take care


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