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Treemonkey wrote:
Thanks for the advice tchuanye, I find it really difficult to see what is in focus on the small LCD screen. I guess as a rule of thumb I should always stick to f8 for close ups. The 40 degree heat and hundreds of flies never helps the concentration though!
I am constantly amazed by your macro shots tchuanye and I cant wait to try my hand at it when my macro kit arrives.

First f4 1/200s
Second pic f5.6 1/500s
Last f4 1/400

You are right that its difficult to chk focus on the LCD screen. Sometimes it looked sharp, but when I view it on the PC, its blur.....so shoot many of them and hope one of them turns out right!:lol:
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Hey Kiwi EXCELLENT work, no problems at all. The top one is a Robberfly. You can tell them by the extended and long antenna out from the head. One of the mostlydeadly insect killers around. The kill by attackingflying insects in flight or by landing right on top of them. A very clever fly. Very nice work on that.

The other two shots just need a bit of sharpening with software IMO. Nothing wrong with the images though. Very nice. Yes always F/8 if you can. What a added on macro lens would do, either a simple +3 or preferably the Nikon 6T, is to blur the background more in the first shot. That makesthe background softer and makes the robberfly stand out more. That where they come into their own and of course we can always get a larger ratio and from much further back.

Anyway, very well done IMHO. Keep them coming :|


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Thanks for the advice Danny and tchuanye, marco is a difficult area to master and your help is much appreciated. I will be ordering my wish list tomorrow. Nikon 6T, Raynox dcr-250, sunpak 383 super and a kingmax 512 mb 60x sd card. I finally saved my pennies and cant wait for my new kit to arrive. The spiders have just started to come out here in Sydney and as they can jump (and kill) I dont want to be too close which is where the 6T will come in useful. Thanks again.
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