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hey Bassman...I'm in Sydney. You wouldn't believe, I'm waiting for a black one since mid-October. Now, I'm told that the new shipment from Panasonic is expected around 25th Jan-05. Many internet sites are offering around $825-$860.

Meantime...I'm confirming my decision for FZ20 via such forums !! :-)
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Old Jan 9, 2005, 8:10 PM   #22
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One big advantage of the FZ-20 is that it is that its CCD and many other of the camera's components are edible. This is often overlooked by reviews and those considering other cameras for purchase.
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Old Jan 9, 2005, 8:57 PM   #23
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would i pay for an FZ20 without trying it first? i DID, and i couldn't be happier! i don't care if it's not a "real" Leica lens... it works wonderfully, the images are terrific, and the quality of the glass HAS to be good, or Leica would never even allow their name to be associated with it.

i read a lot of reviews, from users as well as professional writers, and learned as much about the camera as i could, so by the time i plunked down my money, i had a pretty good idea of what to expect. theFZ has not disappointed me in those expectations.

i also knew pretty much what iwanted the camera to do, and had narrowed my choices to the "ultra-zoom" types. that eliminated a lot of very good cameras, but since one of the main things i want to do with the FZ is outdoor/wildlife/landscape photography, the zoom was a must. and the fast lens, combined with all the other features the FZ offered, made it a no-brainer for the price. the fact that it has one of the fastest shutter lag times on the market didn't hurt either.

the best advice i can give, then, is this: decide what you want your camera to do, and what features are most important to you in accomplishing those things. then look at the cameras that offer those features. read, research, and winnow out the ones that don't do what you're looking for. what's left will probably be two, maybe three models that will all do what you need reasonably well, and at that point, you narrow your criteria down to the details. for me, the difference between 10x and 12x was important. so was the adjustable diopter on the EVF. the hotshoe was also a plus; although i don't need an external flash at this point, i might in the future, and the FZ offers the flexibility and features to let me "grow into" it.

it's up to you, but if you're looking for a long-zoom camera with great image quality potential and some really nice features, there aren't many that are as good as the FZs, and for the price, i don't think you can find a better value.
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As Nick has stated, the FZ 20 is quite tasty and tastes just like chicken. It is the next white meat:!::arrow::arrow::arrow::!:
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Hi Kash

I ended up getting a silver Fz20 , as I'm convinced that there wasn't a black one in WA at the time. I bought it from Megamart in the end ( electrical divison of Myer's) , I got the sales guy to do a price match on an earlier quote that I had recieved from a camera shop , who couldn't get me one till Febuary ,and they were a bit vague as to whether it would be a black one. Anyways Megamart had some silver ones in stock , and I finally got it for $834.

Yes I would have liked a black one but , my wife and I were only saying the other day that its a brilliant camera , and I wished I'd bought one ages ago , never had pictures so good.

Can't recommend it enough!
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Old Jan 10, 2005, 4:18 PM   #26
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I bought my FZ20 without ever touching one before.
It would be my 2nd camera, (the 3rd one to use very frequently, I began withthe digi 3x point 'n shooter of my mother) and knew very well what it's specs had to be like. UsableUZ and very good image quality. The cam I used beforewas allready an UZ (10x), and I found the need of a tripod in 1/2 of the telezoom shots very limiting. So, IS was on the wishlist too.So the long zoom andvery fast lens on the fz in combo with the optical IS did it for mein specs. I read a lot of good stuff about the image quality so it just had to be the right one 8)
Actually, I was first looking at the FZ10, but the announcements of the FZ20 just started to arrive on dpreview. So I waited a little longer, andkept on checking reviews and user opinions. So when my sister asked me to shoot the last part of her wedding, I decided it was time to switch. Even without hanging around on forums I just felt like it was the right one. And it proved it was/is

I went to some stores with friends, who were looking for a point 'n shoot digicam; And I am sooo disappointed with the lack of knowledge of the assistants Real sad story... For that matter I would just love to get myself a job in alocal camera store, and help people with the info they need; Instead of throwing around some expensive terms, but talking crapp anyway...

Cheers, GB
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In a past life I sold books. I once asked a colleague, 'If a school asked you which was the best dictionary for their students, which one would you recommend?'

As quick as a flash he answered, 'That's easy. The one we get the biggest profit on of course.'

Enough said?

BTW Bassman. I am from Oz despite what it says in the margin. Unlike here in Thailand, in Oz we are protected by something called the Trade Practices Act. Maybe it's too late now but if Camera House don't want to honour their advertising I would have threatened them with a complaint to the consumer affairs people, whatever they're called these days.

Anyway, hope you got your camera by now and are happy with it.
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Surely nick has a recipe for CCD soup:blah:

And yes , my marriage with the my FZ20 was an arranged one, without the prospect of a premarital relation ship:-)The posters and lurkers on this forum are the best matchmakers for that purpose.:G
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Hello Bassman,

There are several, reputable online vendors that always have the FZ20 in stock.

Steve, the owner of this site, has stated on numerous occasions that he does not want specific references to vendors in threads so I will offer none here. Many of them will ship overseas.

Also, you may want to consider the Sandisk Ultra II 512 instead of 256.

512 will give you about 202 "fine" pics, 256 half of that.

Good luck

Looking forward to your first FZ20 pics here on this forum!
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