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thx jimr, i just use PS for picture like that, it's very easy, use your saturationto B/W

and then just brush your part of picture you want colorized
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I AM SO EMBARRASSED!!! I just saw my typo in my last post!!! I hope I didn`t offend anyone! I swear it was a typo! This will teach me to double check before submitting! I did indeed have BONE cancer in my early teen years. The pain was excrutiating and it pretty much crippled my right shoulder and also did a lot of damage to my left leg. But I`m still truckin' along.

I put away another $100 in my "20" fund yesterday.

Durn the QWERTY keyboards! It`s so easy to make a typo, but I`m laughing at myself now!

Oh by the way, in case you were wondering about my login name, "PTB Stalker", that is "Pat Travers Band Stalker". The PTB is my favorite rock band. I have gotten to know the guys in the band really well, and I use the stalker name on the PTB website, www.pattravers.com., the band and I have laughed about it on numerous ocassions. I just decided to use the same login name here. I did just post some pics (35mm)over at the PT site. So if your bored, go to the site, and click on Ft. Lauderdale pics on the opening page. That`s PT with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and Richie Sambora, guitarist for Bon Jovi.

Take lottsa pics this weekend, and watch out for tpyo`s!
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I am learning a lot from you guys and just want to give a vote of confidence for quiting smoking. I quit after 40 yrs of 2 to 3 packs a day 2 1/2 years ago and my wife quit 2 months ago. Once your mind is made up its a piece of cake.

I only wish Iwould have made my mind up 30 years ago.

I quit cold turkey and my wife used the Patch.
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Saying it is the only bad habit that you have left is rather lame. If you truly wanted to quit you would. Thinking about it does nothing. Maybe some day does nothing.

All I know is how it felt to watch my mother die from it and see how my dad's quality of life go down the drain fast. Think about that when your children and grandchildren know that you caused your own death quite possibly from your cavalier attitude towards maybe, well ah, only one bad habit left mindset.

Quit before it quits you.

Sorry for the soapbox rant. I do care. The pain of going through this during the holidays is very hard on me and I can't help myself for saying what I had to say.

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