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I'm about to order my first digital camera (FZ3 from Ibuydig.com for $312 shipped!)... and am now in process of trying to get an SD card ordered too.

Newegg.com has the Kingmax Platinum 512 MB for $39. I called my local camera shop and they have the equivilant SD card - but with the Panasonic brand and it costs $129. Why is there such a price difference? I know Kingmax is a 'lesser' brand but if it does the job - I don't care what "brand" I get.

Is this too good to be true?


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No IMO that is not too good to be true,I ordered the 256 kingmax platinum sd from them for a cheap digital camera that i neverreally used it just made me want to buy the fz20 which ill be getting soon.So even though i havent used it much i havent had any problems and ive heard great things about kingmax and there about the fastest card out there and cheapest. And newegg i personally highly recommend. I have ordered computer stuff from them on several occassions, they ship out fast either same day or next day and great support. They have an expodite option for shipping for a lil more cash but ive never used it or really see a need.

Bear in mind i havent much experiance in digital cameras, its probably best to wait for input from someone who has tried it in the fz20,but i will be ordering more kingmax PLATINUM sd memory from newegg soon.

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I have the Kingmax 512 and it works perfectly! Newegg is great too! I got my Kingmax from them.
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Old Dec 6, 2004, 3:26 PM   #4
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Same here. I have the 512MB card and it works great! Newegg is awesome, always reliable, quick shipping, and no hassles.
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Old Dec 7, 2004, 12:11 AM   #5
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I, too, have the KingMax 512 from Newegg and use it in my FZ20. It is good and it is fast. The one big "difference" between it and others more expensive is that it doesn't have a physical "lock" on it and it is thinner. It works. Buy it!
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In addition to my sandisk & panasonic cards, I decided to try out the Kingmax 1 gig, b/c it was the only card out there w/a 1 gig capacity.I also purchased it from Newegg. I think it was about $80 but I don't remember, it was a couple of months ago. But it works perfectly, better than one of the Panasonic cards that I have a problem with. And it doesn't have a lock, but I never use that feature anyway. It does look a bit cheap but it works perfectly. I would go for the 1 gig, it is nice to have 400+ shots. I usually leave my camera in continuous shooting mode (the unlimited one), and I can blow through at least 200 pics in an hour, usually when I am shooting candids of my nieces and nephews.
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