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I notice the above posts are last year, but if anyone is still having these problems with the FZ20 and Sandisk cards/readers, I found that you must format the card in the camera to avoid the above mentioned problems. Then, the Sandisk card reader works fine and no files are corrupted. Hope this helps.
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I´m not sure about this, but...
Different programs that make mini pictures to view before you transfer the pictures to your hard drive make a file that is a copy of all those mini pictures. Windows XP does this too. It makes a files called thumbs.db (I think) It is a hidden file for a lot of people. ACDSee has done this too if i remember correctly. Irfanview doesn´t do it though.

The way to know if this is happening is to notice if all of the thumbnails suddenly pop up the next time you open the folder. That means that they were created before and the computer just reads the thumbnail file it made before instead of one-by-one creating thumbnails for each picture.

These hidden thumbnail "cache" file could be the problem. your camera might be trying to read this file then saying "error"

I had similar problems with my previous camera and the "SmartMedia" cards it used. (Among other problems)

The safest procedure is to copy all of your pictures at once to your computer and don´t start viewing or deleting them until they are on the computer. Then delete them from the camera ("All Delete") after they have been copied successfully.

those thumbnail caches are a nice feature because it makes computing faster, but I prefer to turn off thoses caches so it doesn´t leave cache files all over the computer, and to avoid compatability problems.
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I have SanDisk Ultra II 512 mb and works ok and speed on my FZ20.

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I have been using the Kingmax 60X Platinum cards from Newegg.com. I have not had any problems at all and, they cheaper then the Sandisk Ultra cards.

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Jed_P wrote:
Hi Guys

thanks for all the input - always helpful to have a suggestion of where to start!

I have contacted Panasonic UK & they say there could well be compatability issues with the Ultra card as they have experienced this in the past.

Also, on the Sandisk site they have a compatability listing and though they don't list the FZ20, they do list the FZ2. Against this they do not list any of the Ultra series as being compatible so my feeling is that incompatability is the problem.

I am now trying to contact the card supplier (PicStop) to see if they will be helpful and exchange the card. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again for your help

Have you tried reformating the card? Did you write on the card from the PC?

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