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FZ20 Service Mode Information[/b]
Rewritten from another thread and based on another user's great information from Budapest, Hungary posted: Sun Dec 5th, 2004 12:42 pm

How to Switch to Service Mode;

Press and hold in the up button and the burst button together;
While holding, switch on the FZ20 to enter the service mode setup menu.
The 4th page of setup menu shows the pixel refresh submenu.

While in the "service mode" you can read the firmware version too:
Switch play mode.
Set the info display to show all info (ISO, Mode, Histogram etc).
At least 1 picture must be on the card.
Press the down button and the burst button in the same time.

You will see the firmware version with blue letters.
Mine was Firmware: VER 1.0A:0000, FZ20:008A, 08.03 21:23

If you don't try the Pixel Refresh menu, just switch off the FZ20.
If you do try the Pixel Refresh, you must do the Initial Reset Settings as follows.

Pixel Refresh Instructions:

While in the Service Mode the Recording mode Setup menu contains new menu item called "Pixel Refresh". If you choose it FZ20 starts to focus makes a picture and then restarts. The picture is not stored on the SD card...

When switched off a big yellow triangle with a "!" mark appears, while switching off.

You must perform an Initial Reset to go back to leave Service Mode and return to "normal" mode?

Performing an Initial Reset to leave Service Mode

Switch back to `P' Mode then;
Turn off the power while pressing the `Menu' and `>'(right) button at the same time.
When the setting screen appears use the `v'(down) button to select `EU'.
Press `>' (right) to set.
After this FZ20 returns to normal mode.

One member said "My firmware shows. VER 1.0A:0000, FZ20:008A, 08.03.21:23[/b]
I had no problem though when I used pixel refresh."

Another said "VER 1.08:0000, FZ20:0086, 07.29.13:19[/b]
And when I did the pixel refresh it went back to normal after restarting."
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