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Why Nick's fault. Easy, after looking for flash units for the FZ10, I went back through a few users reviews (the only reviews to read folks) and Nick's advice seemed darn good. So I checked it out at a few places and ended up with the Vivitar DF200. Had it for a couple of weeks and today thought I would try itout. It went well Nick, excellent flash IMO. I'll have to work on getting flash slaves next.

So its all your fault Nick :-)and a big thanks even though you didn't realize it mate

A very small fly just sitting around.

So wanting to try out the different power ratios of the flash, went closer to another fly that was blowing a bubble.Its common for them to do this, apparently it helps to cool themselves down.

Now it was time to get really right in and try the full blast of the flash. Threw on a 35mm to the front of the FZ10 and swiveled the flash around to suit. Now these shots at this ratio I don't normally post, they tend to be a bit carried away IMHO. Too close I guess. The eye and side on forehead of a fly. Had to soften the background in this one so its not the greatest.

So there ya go Nick, we do look, listen and learn even when we are just lurkers. Not much of a lurker now though huh. :-)So a big thanks for your reviews mate.

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Hi Danny!

Excellent details! Now, I am tempted to try my old lenses on my FZ10......!

Anyway, keep on posting please! Love to see your shots.
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Old Dec 8, 2004, 12:36 AM   #3
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LOL! that last one is getting TOO close!! lol!

we don't want to see that

great shots danny!! watch out for the harsh shadows though...

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LOL, would you like a few fly butt shots at this ratio Vito :-), you know I have plenty huh, LOL. You are right about having to watch the shadows mate. Even though this was diffused, it really should be bounced. I'll work on it. Good eye Vito :-)

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Jake D wrote:
Does that vivitar df200 come in black?
- No, just cheesey (not foolin' anyone) "metalic" silver.
Still a very good flash despite a poor aesthetic choice.

- Danny!
:lol:, sure blame me... you gotta blame someone for blowing the dollars on more photo equip, why not. Nice, flash... works well. I think it's almost manditory to have a DF200 for FZ-1 owners, since not only does it not have a hotshoe, but the built in flash has the range and output of a lit match.

Fantastic flies, Danny, m'man! I'm running out of adjectives to praise your work.

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Is that the flys anus?????????? what the heck
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