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Nice shots and the site is not to shabby either guess the weather helps with finding subjects.

Are you using some sort of accessory lens to help with the macro? I love this sort of work and was looking at a close up filter kit for the FZ20, I have had all sorts in the past, extension tubes I've even owned a set of bellows with my SLR stuff but have never tried these have you ever used them?
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Yeah Pw, just threw on an el-cheapo+ 3 for these. I've got a Canon bellows and its been well used for around 25 years.I've even had the bellows on the Sony CD-1000 with an added 50mm macro in reverse. Use the zoom on the camera to avoid vignetting. The ratios are huge though, expect well over a 20:1 ratio.....easy. Something I musttry on the FZ10 as well.

All the best in the UK, just going on summer here. Plenty of macro in the winter, thats no excuse :-):|


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Danny....serpurb my man !!!!! and i was thinking about bobs comment on panning and was thinking the same thing how the heck could a person pan a fliping FLY?? and then it hit me that you must be (very rich) and had 5 cameras set up in a row with auto shutter releases on themfor these shots.....verycleverly done!!!!

jk...andas allways you bring us the best......

Your still my hero...


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