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fireworkz wrote:
Uhmm.. maybe a trip to Disney might help you relax and get rid of the nightmare..

I would go for a online storage like http://www.xdrive.com/.. so convenient..but of course there is a price to pay ...

or as the others suggest .. do it offsite.. and store the images on a DVD iso of CD.. much more Data and less discs to buy... And iso keeping it with someone .. go to your local bank and open a locker.. and store it there...Safe & Sound... unless the bank has a fire!! Probability of that is 1 in a trillion.. on the same day..

A trip to Disney?!Have you been a flyon the wall here? We're going to Disney this summer with the inlaws and sister-in-law and her family. All total: 6 adults and 5 kids... in 90 degree weather, thousands of people, endless lines and $10 hamburgers. No... not my idea of "relaxing". But we unfortunately "obligated" ourselves 2 years ahead of time during a weak moment I had with the mother-in-law.

Oh well... the kids will have fun anway. And I've got a new FZ3 to capture every chaotic moment of it! :?

I think we'll need to head to the beach afterwards though.
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maryanne wrote:
A trip to Disney?!Have you been a flyon the wall here? .....
I think you will find then many pics of me here on the wall or in the grass by nzmacro and willow etc...

Seeing the problems your having with your electrical = Jinxed... maybe a trip to a witch doctor would help ! :blah:

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