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Some real ranting going on at another forum...


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Read a bit of this, and it seems to me to be just that - a rant. Guy bought a camera - broke - dissatisfied with the service he received over the phone by the minimum wage CS rep - goes on rant on forum.

He'll ->get even<- with Panasonic for doing this to him!

The End.

1. Don't know how on/off switch broke... bumped, camera overall not taken care of? We're "assuming" a defect here. May or may not be the case.

2. Want CS reps with advaced degrees in optical and electrical engineering who make $120,,000 a year, answer the phone in 1/2 second, speak perfect English Who don't read from a script... (though scripts ensure uniforimity of information, and are sometimes required for legal reasons..), and have taken courses in (child) psychology... You'll pay 5X as much for the camera, and complain about the price.

By the way... if you ever listened (monitored) CS calls, and I did 1000's of them, the impression you are sure to form is that consumers are a**holes, and you will feel badly for the CS rep, and think it the worst job in the world. You would understand why most call centers have 200% turnover annual.

This guy's camera broke and he's angry. Now he's complaining about everything. Nothing more than that.

Sometimes I ->almost<- feel badly for manufacturers in consumer electronics, and understand why so many US companies got out.
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Only thing that I see that would be troubling is:
4. There is no standard service procedure, no forms to fill out, no process that you can check on the status of your camera. It seems like you just send it to this address and hope to get it back.
Seems a little odd to not have a record of your camera. I guess sending it insured and requiring a delivery reciept would cover things somewhat ?

I agree about CS reps in general. I try to be nice to them and they tend to respond. The rep is your go between and can get things done if they want. There are those rude and ignorant ones too, just like anywhere else.
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