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hi all

If i set the WB mal one time using a white card why would i ever have to set it again???? for like outdoor shots.Do you guys use a mal WB or just try to match the environment to the preset WB......reason why i ask is most of my out side shots don't look natural at times...have a look at this shot of my ole buddy here why the blueish tint it was a little overcast so i was using the cloudy WB setting.....in mal mode which i use all most all the time..........you will see in the pic that the trees have blown out spots and i would like to have the back ground and the subject in tune as far as light balance...this shot just sucks bad !!!!!!! what setting would any of yall used for this shot????

here is the data......

File: - E:\A CANNON PIC'S\oly\Picture 4407.jpg

Make - Panasonic
Model - DMC-FZ20
Orientation - 1 (top left)
XResolution - 72
YResolution - 72
ResolutionUnit - 2 (inch)
DateTime - 2004:12:14 03:54:51
YCbCrPositioning - 2 (datum point)
ExifOffset - 398
ExposureTime - 10/400 seconds
FNumber - 8.0000
ExposureProgram - 1 (manual control)
ISOSpeedRatings - 80
ExifVersion - 220
DateTimeOriginal - 2004:12:14 03:54:51
DateTimeDigitized - 2004:12:14 03:54:51
ComponentsConfiguration - 1 2 3 (YCbCr)
CompressedBitsPerPixel - 4 (average)
ExposureBiasValue - 0.0000
MaxApertureValue - F 2.83
MeteringMode - 5 (multi-segment)
LightSource - 10 (flash)
Flash - 16
FocalLength - 7.6000 mm
FlashPixVersion - 100
ColorSpace - 1 (sRGB)
ExifImageWidth - 2560
ExifImageHeight - 1920
InteroperabilityOffset - 6652
SensingMethod - 2 (other)
FileSource - 3 (digital still camera)
SceneType - 1 (directly photographed)

here is the pic.......


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lol, when i figure it out, i'll tell you

alright, i can share what i've learned so far...

pretty much, manual WB fixes any color cast...here, he was in the shade...from what i've read, shade is very difficult to photograph because of WB...the color balance is different in the shade than in the sun

so, if you were to set the white balance on his shirt, it would make his shirt white (makes sense right?)

but, from what i've found, you usually want a bit of warmth to the colors...so, i've sometimes even used the Cloudy setting on a sunny day, because it adds a bit of warmth...

does the FZ series support RAW? if it does, that makes things easier, because you can change the actual color tempertures themselves on the pc...

i think the best thing to do, is play around with the settings, and see which ones give you colors you like best in certain situations...

if you have a shade setting...that would probably have been the one to go with..

i have thought, of trying to set custom WB with a light blue card, and seeing if it adds an orange tint...

oh yeah...for manual WB to work...the white card, or watever white object you're setting it with, it has to be in the same light as your subject...

hope this helps!

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Old Dec 17, 2004, 12:15 AM   #3
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cant believe that the person is wearing a white shirt... WB is certainly off in it....Uhmm now it makes more sense in setting it at times manually...
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thx guys

vito i saved this photo (the man)like you said with the (save for web) did it help with the jaggie's...and i am posting this(dragonfly head)one as well have a look and let me know how itlooks as far as jaggie'sand do you think that by me having my rez set at 1280 x 1024 could be the prob...say if some one else had there rez set at say 1024 x 768 just a thought


thx willow

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Hi willow1,
I do a lot of practice with the WB since the day I had a digital camera, these are somethings I understand about WB:
- When you set the WB manually with a white card that's mean you let the camera understand exactly the white color within the light source right-at this time (maybe 5 min later the light source change).
- If you want to capture the real colors at times, you need to set WB with a white card right beside the subject (not the place you stand).
- And after you set the correct WB, you can adjust to more blue or more red manually.
Hope this help

I love very much your macro photos, this time I start to learn for macro shots :-)

PS: sorry for my poor english :sad::sad:
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thx basac

great info....this will help a lot.and thx for the nice comment on my macro's

hope to see yours soon

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