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2things what program are you using to view the picture?

Do it like you did before and review the photo on the LCD before downloading to the computer.

And don't beat yourself up with that conversion setting it does nothing but start the camera at 6X to avoid vignetting. I use atele lensa lotand have never turned that thing on.
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The lens is just a glorified magnifying glass. Look thru the lens (when it is not attached to the camera) what do you see? Thru my lens I see things at the same magnification as without looking thru it. In other words it looks the same. I just want to make sure that the lens is ok. Put the lens on the camera, zoom in to 12x (full zoom - don't use the digital zoom). If you could do this on a tripod it would be for the best. Take a picture. Then unscrew the lens (turn the camera off first). Turn the camera back on, zoom back in to 12x then take the picture again. The first picture should be zoomed in more b/c of the lens. Remember this is only a 1.6x conversion lens so it will only be a little closer. But if you use the tripod so that the camera is focusing on the same subject you should notice the difference. Hope this helps.
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Hey, is this thing on.

Well I think I may have figured it out. I wasn't using the digital zoom. I did some indoor test shot's, but I could only get about 15' away. Once I turned on the digital zoom, I can see a little difference. I'm hopeing tommorow in the daylight Ican get better result's.

Pleas, please tell me the digital zoom need's to be on.

I'll attach a link, but I'm not sure if you can tell a difference.

pic 1 12x no tele

pic 2 48 digital zoom, no tele lens

pic 3 12x w/tele lens

pic 4 48 digital zoom w/tele lens

Webshot's seems to be on the blink. Hope the link work's.


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For pics with tele converter lens, you should increase the aperture or decrease the speed of shutter, cos there will be a little light loss.

The Panasonic tele lens is a little expensive though original. I am looking for a tele converter lens too and eye on Raynox's. It is less than half the price. As I am using Raynox lens adapter, That's why I am looking at Raynox's lenses.

You pics appeared to be ok and the zoom with tele lens worked too, right as per the pics?
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You can certainly see the difference in those pictures.

And while I always have digital zoom turned on it is not a requirement for a tele lens to work.

I think you just did not use the same amount of zoom in your first tests.
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