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Hi Cindy,

Are you kidding me? That was very kind of you to share those info with me! Thank you! :-)I did gave her a plastic cap from my packet of milk whenever the milk finishes. She would turn that plastic cap into a flat piece of piece. Once I played with her by putting the packet of milk on top of her cage while she was inside, she actually pierced a hole in the packet and I had to rush the packet and transferred it to a container.

As for games, I tried to look for it but can't find anything more here for big parrots.:sad:The one in he pic was quite worn cos there were actually 3 pieces of small round wood inbetween the blocks and Koko shredded them into pieces. :GYour idea of the coke bottle is very good, I'll try that tonight. I am glad you told me about her tail. Cos She plays alot in her cage with that only entertainment she has. However, in the beginning her tail wasnot so bad from the pet store. I saw another baby Grey and its tail was like Slipe's Bwana in the pic. That's why I was a little worried.My wife told me that she got that cos she played a lot in the cage.She loves, grapes, orange and watermelon, simply crazy for them. We did gave her hard boiled egg occasionally too.

You can email me or PM me about the sites of parrot games and stuff. I am interested to buy some and had been looking for a while. But the problem is that most of them do not accept oversea orders. Maybe you can sell to me too? Just email or PM me to let me know, I really appreciate your help and advice!

I am new to FZ20 too. I have the camera for about coming to 4 weeks now. I was actually comtemplating to get this or the Fujifilm S7000Z. It is quite a good camera up till now. But I believe every camera has good and bad points and FZ20 is not exceptional too. But up till now, I have no major complaints but just some experience I've got. Make sure you adjust the brighterwhen taking pics, cos the pics don't comeout like what you see on your camera's LCD. Of course, you can adjust it later with software. I'm still learning and if you need any help, I'm just an email or PMaway.


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