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I really want to thank all of you for your response to my post. I belong to a few boards and never,never have I received so many, quantity and quality, responses. So thank you, thank you, thank you all so much.

You all bring up good points for printers and ink etc, something to be considered in every post:-)

I do plan on most of my prints being done thru printing services-am going to try winkflash-heard good reviews and prints are 19 cents and shipping is 99cents per order-as I understand it. And as Nick says there is that sense of instant gratification of looking at a pic as soon as you take it. So do plan of getting a printer.But as far as sitting around in my "churchy"drawers ie holey I'm not going to go there

Take care and a big THANKS,

Happy :|


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Since you already have a general-purpose printer you should get a dedicated photo printer with at least 6 colors – more is generally better.

My old HP 930 bit the dust and I bought a Canon iP4000 as a general-purpose printer. I'm not really thrilled with the text. You have to print best quality to get text as black as the HP in draft mode and it slows considerably at best quality. It really pumps out the pages in draft, but the text is a light gray. Others with the printer have reported the same thing.

But it does surprisingly good photos for a 4 color general purpose printer. Even though the resolution is at least as good as my 6 color Canon S9000, the colors aren't quite as good. The resolution represents 2 years of progress over the S9000. But there are compromises with not having the extra photo colors.

I've refilled my ink tanks for at least 10 years with little problem. I use good quality ink from MIS or Inkjet Goodies and have not had problems with clogging. My S9000 clogged once, but that was because I let it sit for a couple of months without printing anything. Canon ink would have clogged too. The nice thing about Canon printers is that you can remove the heads and soak them in hot water or ammonia. I got the iP4000 because it uses the same ink as my S9000 and I don't have to stock two types. The day I ordered my iP4000 I also ordered a pint of pigmented black from MIS for it. My HP ink would have probably worked for the pigmented ink, but I didn't want to mess with the possibility of a problem. The color ink has to be formulated for a particular make and model(s) or the colors are very poor.

With Red River paper and aftermarket ink I can print an 8 X 10 for 25c if I hit the sales at Red River.

This is a good discussion on aftermarket ink. You should profile for aftermarket ink and paper, but the difference isn't very noticeable if you don't. http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/inktest.html

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DJ990 is great
I still use a 930C with 16000 page count.
DJ 7660 is my photo printer. you need to refill it tho. to keep cost down.
Results close to the best.
canon and epson have smaller drop size tho'

digcamfan wrote:
Hey chopper123 (Norma),

If you do not want the bells and whistles of the newer printers, (like reading your camera memory card, printing borderless on photo stock, then I highly recommend you consider an HP 990 CSE.

I have one (and a spare!)!

It is a workhorse and prints excellent prints!

Its ink takes a little longer to dry.

Go to Ebay now. There are some available there.

FYI, you can use a large color cartridge with it that last months!

You should be able to pick one up there for between $50-100 (they were $400 new).

Good luck :-)

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I'll never buy a HP product after the fiasco with printer and scanner drivers a few years back.

That said... I have a Canon i960 and I'm very pleased with it. It is FAST and the colours using the supplied ICM files are almost 100%. I used to use Printer Profiling software for colour accuracy but not with this printer. I print using QImage PRO and use the Canon supplied ICM profile for their papers.

I've seen premature fading with certain types of paper (Canon Matte being worst) in specific locations. Lately I've been printing on Kodak's Ultima High Gloss ColorLAST paper and I'm extremely pleased with the dynamic range of that paper. It is sensitive to fingerprints but get it behind glass and you will not have that problem and I suspect it will last a long time before fading is apparent.
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I just replaced my 4yr old Epson 875dc (long agodiscontinued) with another one I kept in the box all these years. Six colors (5+black). Third party ink (Tyler-Martin Rainbow) runs about $6/cart in 6-12 packs. I use it alot so the heads remain pretty clean. Basically, the feed roller wore out. I guess I'll have to replace this one in 2008 or 09.
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Robb wrote:
Having said that, though, I should add that pigment ink behaves differently from dye-based ink, and some people don't like it. It works best on matte paper, which is my preference, or medium-gloss paper. If you prefer high-gloss prints, pigment ink may not be for you.
This is rapidly becoming untrue, though. Check out the Picturemate, which uses pigment inks. It looks fabulous on premium glossy paper. Also, the R800, which uses the new UltraChrome Hi-Gloss ink, also has a clear gloss cartridge to make it look just like high-gloss dye inks, but gets 5 times the fade resistance.

I have a rebuttal for those people who use Costco, etc. for their photo prints: Most of those systems use dye sublimation printing, which has very poor fade resistance, sometimes as little as 2-3 years.
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Canon I960 With Red-River 8.5x11 UltraPro Gloss paper, Red River 5x7 Polar Satin matte and Canon Photo Paper plus Glossy 4x6(120 sheets $19 from Amazon)

Owned I960 since December 2003. I bought a refill kit from InkJet Goodies for about $70 Which is good for about 10 refills for each color. If I ever have to buy more ink, I might go with abacus. $1.85 per cardridge.

I've had a couple of clogs, but running print head cleaning procedure cleared them up. More my fault for letting machine sit too long between use.



Area's to clean if you own a i960

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propwash wrote:
scb wrote:
There has been a lot said about printers....i.e. cost of ink.
When you think about it, the cost of ink is outrageous. I had a freind tell me that hie figured out that the cost of a tri-color ink cartridge, which only contained 19 ml of ink, and cost something like $33.95, worked out to over $6000 per gallon! Makes $2 gasoline look like a good deal, doesn't it?

refilling works negates high running costs
HP refill 10X typical.
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