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Most impressive.
I wish my town had an interesting, well or semi well lit, place to practice night shots. Oh, wait the local Ford dealer has about a billion dark-sucking lights. Maybe I could practice there? Not a very interesting subject however. I guess a good photographer uses what he's got.

At any rate I think your shots are really cool. I also like the built in starburst effect of the Lumix. I WILL find a way to explore it's potential.

Good work,
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coontie wrote:
do you manually press the shutter button or use a remote control? I found that the act of pressing the button blurs the image, sometimes..

Great pics!
coontie I used a tripod and 2 sec timer, itwas quite windy and cold, personally i couldnt of got this quality without atripod. I ordered a remote from panasonic but they have been on backorder for awhile. A remote will be a nice accessory, but the 2 second timer works for now.

smac experiment away with whatever you have available with longshutter times and small arpeture number, i was quite amazed myself with how the scene lit right up, from quite aways away even. Practice on whatever, heck1 streetlight wouldprobably work finejust to get some feedback.

willow thank you, your opinion means alot.

thank you everyone!

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