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tacticalnuke wrote:
If the FZ1 had a hotshoe I'd be on it in a heartbeat, selling my FZ10.

If they put a new, larger sensor wouldn't that necessitate having a new, larger lens?
Yes glass size is linked to CCD size...

the FZ1 is good compromise...

see how much bigger the FZ10/20 is .... glass is larger CCD larger for 4-5Mp.

There may be a way to improve FZ1 megapixals its all in the CCD design... we have to wait and see.

I dont think bigger then FZ10/20 body is the go.
This is the age of nano-technology after all.

I still say the FZ1 is near perfect in size, with the lens hood on the left hand wrapped around the lens hood firmly the right hand giving stability....ideal way to hold it when using maxzoom... even with OIS on.

FZ1 4-5 Mp full manual control as well as full auto. NICE ;-)

my 2 cents

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KTTech wrote:
Of course the lens can be remaining the same, with some trick in the prism system...
That "trick" may not be so simple. Doubtful.
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Agree with you Nick.
Oly 2100 nice
NIKON 8800 8mp 10 x zoom great but expensive. value NO
lumix is better. Nikon 880 does have RAW tho' no big deal...
Yes the old M3 LEICA'S legends example of
lightweight quality camera made for extension of ones vision. Cartier Bresson used them always to capture that special moment.

NickTrop wrote:
Ahhhh.... Someone else who agrees with moi.

And another thing about digital camera reviewer/critics.... they simply did not "get it" in regards to the Oly 2100 or the Lumix. A fixed lens this size that replaces an entire range of lenses at this price and this quality that enables you to take sharp photos ->hand-held<- at 12X, 420mm down to about 1/30th of a second?!!??? The camera costs what? A few hundred street? It's how big?

While Steve and company was looking at the Oly 2100's and Lumixes... measuing things like (the expected) minimal barrel distortion at 35mm, and comparing minor CA among cameras, calling them "fun cameras" and miscategorizing them a "compact big zooms" they completely missed the boat (cuz they're really camera snobs and tech geeks at heart) just how groundbreaking and revolutionary these camreras truely were!
(And yes, the capabilities and value of these cameras is ->far<- greater than the ->novelty<- of shooting at ISO 1600).

I also agree with Oskar Barnack's (founder of Leica cameras) philosophy that cameras should be as portable/compact as possible... so for me it's the FZ-1v2 followed by the FZ-3. Ole Oskar is smiling... it took how many years to finally get it right? Now, of course, that can't last so let's mess things up with the new line (make them less compact...)

Yes, this is why I hold on to the FZ-1v2. While I don't own the others the CCD is ->very<- small in these camera. I personally don't see how they crammed 5 mps into the CCD for the FZ-20, given its sensor size. The first Nikon DSLR cost $5000 in 2000, and had 2.7 megapixels, and was touted as "professional quality". The Oly C-2100 is a "classic" digicam with 1.5 megapixels that still goes for around $300 on eBay if you can find them. For larger prints I use Genuine Fractals or other interpolation tools to boost rez 100% to the 260 to 300 ppi range depending on print size. Always got good results. Fugi does the same in-camera with many models - effectively doubling the resolution captured by the sensor.Digicam reviewers and critics, like Steve here, will say they (paraphrasing) "hate that Fugi uses interpolation" then a paragraph down the review compliment Fugi's (interpolated) image quality.

As far as the FZ's go they're the current non-dslr leaders from a value perspective - and that includes the new Nikon 8800... All are excellent but here's how I would rate them:

1. FZ-2 (or 1v2) "Right sized" v2 gives you enough manual control. Excellet IR capabilities. An amazing value.

2 Then the FZ-3 (size, 3 mp is beyond max in this sized sensor...) An excellent value.

3. followed by the FZ-10 (gives you a hotshoe, sound in movies, and 1 less crammed megapixel than fz-20). An amazing value

4. FZ-20... good value.

5. Then the FZ-15 (would want/expect a hotshoe on a camera this size/price, no sound in movie mode is a deal breaker for me since I use do us it regularly, and couldn't imagine not having sound.)

6. FZ-1 not upgraded. (Lack of aperture and shutter priority modes are deal breakers to me, though it's really a top of the line outdoor point and shooter) Excellent value.

As far as lack of megapixels on the FZ-1/2, take the following quiz>

1. Where do I view 90% of the picture I take?

2. What percentage of pictures do I print?

3. What size do I print them at?

4. Do I really significantly enlarge cropped portions of photos all that often?

5. Do I sometimes leave my camera at home because it's a chore to lug around, or I would be worried about it being broken/stolen?

If your answers are:
1. My PC
2. Less than 10%
3. 6X4
4. No
5. Yes

Then the FZ-1/2 or the 3 merits serious consideration, imo.

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GnomonMaster wrote:
I'd love to see the FZ20 minus some of the unneeded extras that just complicate matters and go with the Foveon sensor. Give me more manual control, take away movie mode and sound (that is why they make video cameras), build in the filter threads, move the battery/sd compartment so I can mount it on a tripod and change things out if I need to without breaking down the whole setup, and offer reasonable accessory lenes for doing different types of photography. There, I'm done now, I'll go take my meds.
Ok where's the BRANDY
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