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Hello Everyone! My much researched, much anticipated fz20 arrived today! Hurray! Unfortunately, my excitement has turned to disappointment. My small hands are just not comfortable holding the camera. Today I held a random Kodak while I was at Staple's looking at printers. That camera instantly felt like a part of me. I want that from my fz20. Do any of you with small hands have suggestions on other ways of holding or adapting the camera that might be more comfortable?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I quickly looked at the reviews on Steve's list of top super-zooms. There is no other camera I can afford that sounds as terrific as the fz20. (The 12x zoom and 5 megapixels are hard to beat.)

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I know, I should have tried out the camera before I bought it. I tried, but I wasn't able to find one on display, and I'm uncomfortable asking a sales person at a store to show me one when I have no intention of buying there. (The prices are so much lower on-line, and shipping usually costs much less than taxes.) I forgot that reviews about size, comfort, etc--of anything, not just cameras--usually refer to the average size man, even though the reviewer rarely overtly says so. I'm a small woman, so the information just doesn't apply to me. Urgh!

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Thanks for your help!
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Get the FZ3 but only 3 megapixels

I think you'll get used to FZ20.
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Old Jan 5, 2005, 4:53 AM   #3
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Hi Suzaberg.
Congrats on your new camera. I know how you feel the FZ series or camera's are pretty big and can take a while to get use to. I place my left hand under the lens so I can adjust the focus ring easily and my right hand on the grip on the side. Also try using the EVF rather than the lcd screen, putting the camera right up against your face really stabilises the camera and can make it feel more natural.
Just go out and take a few photos (or a few hundred!) and have a play with the different grips and positions im sure you will be using it like a pro in no time.
And remember its whats inside that counts, the kodak may look and feel good but when the pressure is on it wont preform!:shock:
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Old Jan 5, 2005, 5:21 AM   #4
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Don't worry you will get used to it when you shoot more pics. Although my hands are big enough but initially, I don't get used to the weight of the FZ20 too and I took a lot of blurred pics even with the OIS on. But later I got used to it and take better pics but still have blurred pics, hehe.....

Alternative, you can buy mini tripod, tripod and even a monopod to support it for taking pics.
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The FZ3 is a great camera and much smaller. The detail you get with the Lumix lens is more important than the Megapixels. It is very hard to se any difference between the FZ10 and 20 and my guess is the FZ3 would be right in there.

That said I'll bet you get use to the FZ20 if you give it a chance. My wife did and at first she thought it was too large.
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Old Jan 5, 2005, 10:06 AM   #6
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I had the opposite problem, eventually buying the FZ10 because other cameras I looked at were too small for my hands. Ultimately you must feel comfortable handling a camera or you won't enjoy it and therefore may end up not using it. Using and wearing the neck strap always offers extra support and security and I always use mine. I would say give the camera a few days to a week while giving 'yourself' a good 'workout'.
What I mean by that is go outside just around your house and start shooting pictures. Not to get and save good pictures but just to exercise yourself in all the various positions you will eventually use at various times in the future. Standing and shooting up at the top of tall trees, and down at the leaves and grass by your feet. Kneeling to get low angle shots. Bracing yourself against a tree for that rock steady 12x or even 48x zoom shot. Sitting on the ground for those patient wildlife images. Even lying on the ground for those closeup macro shots. (Practice indoors if the weather is not suitable in your area this time of year.) Shoot, shoot, shoot, then check out the multitude of camera functions while casually viewing your exercise and delete, delete, delete. Go out and shoot, shoot, shoot some more. Digital film is cheap, and you don't need to buy a larger SD media card just yet. Use the small 16 Mb card that came with the camera for now. If after a few days your not comfortable, then by all means go with a camera that feels, as you say, "like a part of me."
Good luck and happy shootin' with whatever it may be.

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Hello Suzaberg!!

I bougth my FZ-15 last year, in a trip to USA. My wife asked me for purchasing a small Sony Cybershoot because she wanted a good & small camera. When I saw FZ-20 I love it.

At the moment she saw the FZ-15 (FZ-20 was out of stock and I didn't have more time) she was scared. However after taking 500 picts (2 days) and see the resultsshe loves it.

It is big, rigth, but you will not find the same features in a smaller camera. A friend has a Minolta A-2. It is 8 MP but the zoom is small. The camera is a little bit smaller and more ergonomic.

If you decide to change your FZ-20, just tell me. I love my FZ-15, but I don't have hot-shoe.

I sugest you take some pictures before deciding.
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Old Jan 5, 2005, 1:01 PM   #8
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Hi Suzaberg,

One thing you may want to try is this...

Rest cam in palm of left hand...then hold with right hand.

Also, if you could be more specific, about how your small hands have difficulty with the FZ20, perhaps I can offer further suggestions.


P.S. Yes, indeed (in reference to earlier post by you), one never knows the length or breadth of a teacher's influence :-)

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The FZ20 isn't appreciably larger than a compact 35mm SLR with a 35-70 lens, and not as heavy. Many people have been spoiled by the micro-miniaturization of everything in recent years, but this is a case where larger is better. The electronics in the FZ20 would fit into a compact "point and shoot" body, but if you want that terrific lens, you gotta put up with a slightly larger camera. You will get used to it, and the benefits of its capabilities will far outweigh the small penalty in size...
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I opted for the FZ3 because of it's smaller size. Since it got here, I haven't picked up any of my other cameras. I have a Minolta DiMage 7i which is quite a handful and my hands get tired after using it for even a short period of time. Haven't made prints larger than 8X10, so the 3MP works fine for me. Don't want to show my age (LOL) but when arthritis creeps into your hands, bigger is not always better. The 3MP shots with the FZ3 look as good as the 5MP shots with the DiMage.
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