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I thought I was sending this in for warranty repairs but it turns out to be (what I think is) a glitch!

Has anyone else experienced this with the FZ20?

Take any pic that is on your SD card and modify it on the computer (brighten the pic or something) and then save the modified image back onto the SD card. If you try to view it on the FZ20, itfreezes the camera (at least this is what it does on my fz20). If you try to scroll back or forth, it can't. If you try to turn it off, it goes to the Lumix screen and it stays there with the power still on. You actually have to take thebattery outso you can reset it.

The only thing that you can do to fix it is 1) transfer all your files to the computer and then 2) format/erase the card. Then it is fine. I even tried to just erase the single modified pic, but to no avail.

Maybe I should contact Panasonic on this one because I tried theSD card in my brothers sd10 and it read it fine.


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Sorry, but most cameras have a similar problem (you can't modify an image and expect the camera to recognize it).

Sometimes, you can get away with it (provided you are careful not to let any of the information in the EXIF get modified, but most editors strip out or modify the EXIF). The EXIF contains information specific to a camera's settings, etc.

There is a software package designed to let you modify images and let them be played back by some cameras (but I don't know if it would work with your Panasonic or not):


If you're very careful editing (making sure not to change the size of the photo by cropping), you may (or may not) beable to get away with copying the EXIF from the image, enhancing it, then copying the EXIF back into it.

One product that lets you do this is EXIFER:


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I didn't know that. I just assumed since it worked fine on my brothers Canon SD10, that it was a glitch with the fz20... Not that I would trade the fz20 though. :-)
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