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Nancy Gabby wrote:
I actually just set up my darkroom to shoot b&w headshots.
With all you got going on, you had time to do this? :? You're a better person than I...
I think I will get a Pentax 67, too.
The BIG one... Helluva camera. I bought an old Agfa 6X6 folder recently. I'm sending it out to be CLA's and have new bellows put on it this week. Can't wait to play in MF.
I am going to get the EOS 20D and shoot in RAW format, and I wanna play w/that imaging factory plug in.
Again... helluva cam (the Canon...) DSLRs are perfect for those dark interiors of churches and reception halls. I used to diss DSLRs (when they cost 2,3,4,5 thousand...) but now they're really coming down in price. I will own one, one of these days - a year or two from now. Liking the Pentax or the Nikon D70 (despite its size...)
If I can't get the professional results
->say, "when" I get professional results...
who wants to handle chemicals and spend time in the dark?
Not me! For BW you should take a look at the HP 7660, 7760, and 7960 - the ones with the #59 gray ink tank for BW. They're only around $100 for the printers on eBay and are supposed to produce sumptuous BW's.
Once again, you have been an inspiration to me.
There is nothing more honoring or flattering you could say! Speaking for myself, I am truly honored, though I am 100% an amature and don't consider anything I've posted to be "inspirational". Thank you for your kind words!
I am working on scanning some of my old prints from art school and then will work on my website, as soon as it is up, I want you guys to tell me what you think.
Don't forget! I'm also working on a website but it will be a while. Love to see it! My next purchase is also a scanner to scan the MF stuff I take with the Agfa. Hear the Epsons are nice.
Great work, Nick.* Keep posting the pics (it's my favorite part of the forum- next to you guys!).
Thank you! You do the same! Keep us posted of your progress! Question - you're in NYC, are you considering making the rounds with all those ad agancy art directors on Madison Ave?
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