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Someone over on the other forum crashed his bike and his FZ3 survived and it still works. I think that proves they are pretty sturdy cameras despite being light weight and "seeming" flimsy:

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Yes! you never want to just throw your camera in as the last item of a jammed packed trunk of your car before going on holiday (<- those Brits who post are rubbing off on me... :G), then slam-n-jam it shut! The camera should always be in its case, if you're gunna do this. [/quote]

obviously not rubbing off on you quite enough. its a boot, not a trunk
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boyzo wrote:
NickTrop wrote:
Plastic gets a bad rap. You can argue that the old built like a brick tanks were solid, but they would also rust and the lubricant would jell up causing your shutter to stick.

My main concern with the digitals are the buttons. That little $0.02 button for the on/off switch costs will cost more than the camera to fix. I do wish they were more durable.

It should be interesting to see how long these digitals last. A few years? Or decades like the old cameras?
the on/off button on the FZ1 seems cheap
If the battery is kept in the camera then the switch can be left on always its only a matter of part depressing the shutter to turn on the camera....
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