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I have been starting to test my new FZ20, although sky is still cast.
But this does not prevent FZ20 from acting.

I have still to learn and to differ settings: spot focus and CW/spot metering are good in macros and some more pics circumstancies, but for exploiting the full dynamic range of the cam in landscapes (multisegment metering and the slower 9p focussing) one has to play a lot, or, even in cast days, sun light will prevent from taking well exposed grass land together with some non burnt sky.

Exif are provided within the following jpgs. sorry for the non std modem friendly file size.


(This flower is not much bigger tham a thumb's claw).

From Capodimonte (where 25 Michelangelo da Caravaggio pictures are actually in exhib.) to the sea it is +3Km !

Full 12x zoom. (In another pic with dig zoo, resized, nice qty, only the palace wall and 2 boats are in frame). Great cam.

this was at c. 20m from me.

Happy owner of a FZ20 (except for battery and the price of a less than 300 shots addit. panasonic battery).

Comments appreciated as I have not received yet in another forum wher I have posted them (too big for dialers but not for dsl owners)


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Great pics!

I am new to this forum too. I think your pics size is ok, IMO as long as it is <200kb is ok although most of them here said 800 X 600 or something. There is no MUST or anything, or else this forum won't allow file size up to 250400bytes right?
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Hi. Congrats on your new camera. I do have some comments.

1. I don't know if you enhanced the picture in photoshop, but it seems oversharpened... especially cause of the white blowouts in the flowers. Overal composition is good. But the background seems noisy what seems a bit weird to me since you shot the picture at iso80.. guess it is the jpg compression.

2. Also bit oversharp. and far too much noise. Also shot at iso80 so it must be either jpg compression or wrong resize. Neatimage or noiseware cleans pictures like these very nicely. (and you commented you used digital zoom in another photo... i recommend to do it afterwards in a good resizeprogram)

3. I like the colors, the sharpness and composition. Great picture, and creative frame.
4. The background seems a bit noisy, maybe if you take a lower camera position (more distance in the background) the depth of field would be better. The sharpness and the colors of the flower itself is great.

5. Is this a crop or a resize? You might want to do a bigger area.. and than resize down. It results in a bit smaller (but sharper) bird, and more room for composition. This is a good picture.. but can be awesome.

Overal your pictures seem a bit noisy.. I don't know what is the cause of this. (i own a fz10 and i don't have any problems). I strongly recommend to download neatimage, it reduces your noise more than 50%.

greets Tim
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Really great picts!!.

I liked your artistic eye with the leave pict.
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Thanks to TimvdeVelde, Spiderman and Msantos.

Tim FZ20 is more noisy than FZ10 (which can als obe used at ISO 50, whereas FZ20 minimum sensitivity is 80).

I also ude standard in cam setting for Noise reduction.
Yes I do Photoshop PP.
I have some standalone progs and plugins to reduce noise but do not use them that much, except in too noisy ISO 200-400 night shots.

Usually do it manually, with some gaussian blur of background if noisy also after resize. Fear that NR softwares would scrape off some details but will see...

The last pic is a crop, very slightly resized. The sharpening has made it perhaps too "digital", it was shot from some 20m away, f432mm eq.
I'll follow your suggestions and post the larger pic in a next post tomorrow, with only birds shots.

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