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I just got my Pan FZ20 and i am all excited but i have a couple question to ask

1 IN what size do you keep your recordable picture ? i would make about 4x6 or 5 picture mostly

2 i have an a tiffen in enhancing filter can i put it in the front would it bother the digital picture i could not find in my camera equipment any ND lenses of 72mm

3 in the book it says SD Memory CArd are better than MultiMedia CArd why?

4 can you buy any other card if not SD Memory Card how high do they go

They only give you with the camera a 16MB that is not much

I live in Canada better say Toronto does any of you members know where would i get the cheapest place to get a memory Cad like SDMem crd?

Henry is expensive , who else

I know i ask a lot of question these are the most improtant one . for me now i want to thank you in advance for all your help that you have given me .
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Hello Evelyne
1. camera setting....at 2560. I always keep an original picture right out of the camera saved, and then save any modifications. If you have the original, you can always go back and do what you want to with it...and have the best quality you started with.

2 72mm ND or UV filters are available. But if you search, you will see many of us using aftermarket adapters. Just got my phayee adapter yesterday, and am using a 62mm Hoya Pro UV filter for lens protection. Like the adapter and the tethered lens cap that I ordered with it.

3. think the SD cards read/write data faster

4. 16mb is useless. SD cards are available up to 2 gigabytes. I've started with a 256mb which you can buy online for $25. But, I plan to upgrade to one of the newer faster cards, and either get two 512 cards or one 1 gig card.

5. Search online....see how the exchange rate hits you.
Fairly good prices on Ebay...watch out for rip-off shipping rates.

Best of luck, and enjoy your new camera.

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Hi. Here's my thoughts:arrow:

1. Stay with the highest setting for picture quality. Memory is cheap and you only get one chance to save the moment.
2. Get an adapter like the Phayee or similar.
3. Use a high quality UV filter. An ND filter will block out the light and is not for constant use.
4. Use a fast SD card. I use Kingmax and lots of people have good luck with them. Here's a link to a good company with cheap prices http://www.newegg.com/
Good luck and enjoy the camera.:arrow::arrow::arrow::arrow::!:
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SCBs advice is sound.. I'll adress the SD cards a little more. They Are available up to 2Gig but I think the FZ20 tops out at 1Gig. That's not to nitpick the point, just food for thought. It may be that the manual was printed before the 2G cards were available.

Also, Speed matters. Especially if you intend to use the fast capture capabilities of the camera. The FZ 20, if I remember what I read correctly can write up to 7 or 8 Mb per second. Standard SD cards max out at around 2 (If I'm wrong on any of this feel free to correct me). It may matter when you are writing TIFF (uncompressed jpg) in burst mode.

Whichever you decide, SD cards can be had on ebay. Do, as SBC suggests, watch out for rip off shipping prices. Some charge $10 US to send a card the size of a postage stamp. It certainly isn't the weight that is costing that much to send..

Have fun,
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Old Jan 13, 2005, 8:18 AM   #5
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Pinout for MMC/SD cards is slightly different. MMC cards have 1 pin devoted to data bits. SD cards have 4 pins devoted to data bits. For the same clock rate (SD cards have theoretical max of 25MHz) that means information can be transmitted 4x faster.
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If your budget is such that you are considering taking pictures of lower quality than the camera is capable of to save money on memory then IMO a lens adapter is out of the question. You want one for a telephoto or wide angle extender, but it is not necessary for filters.

You also want to budget a spare battery if you can. Unless you are especially efficient I don't think you can fill a 512Mb card with a single battery. There are good aftermarket batteries that aren't pricey – use the search or start a thread if you are interested.

Most good filters come with threads on the outside so you can stack them. The lens cap should fit into the threads. Not sure why they say you can't use the lens cap with a Panasonic filter as I don't have any.

I'm not in the UV filter as protection group. I always had a skylight filter on my 35mm SLRs and just left the lens cap in my bag except for storage. But a skylight filtered UV, gave some haze improvement and gave generally more pleasing photos. Digital cameras have internal UV filters and you are just adding another piece of glass to the optics, which is never good no matter how good the filter. I've had my FZ10 for over a year and the lens is just fine without special protection. A clean old white cotton tee-shirt cut up will provide a lifetime of cleaning cloths, and it doesn't hurt the lens coating to clean it if done properly.

Filters like IR, a polarizer and graduated neutral density filters can be effective, but most color filters are redundant with a digital camera. You can get almost any effect you want in an image editor, and color filters just limit what you can get from the image. I feel the same way about black & white. Shoot in color and you can get B&W that is just as good, but shoot in B&W and you can't get color. An enhancing filter is a color filter – it filters out some of the blues and greens to enhance reds and oranges. It isn't a filter you would want to always keep on the camera.

The camera will take only SD and MMC cards, and you don't want the MMC. You want a fast SD card for that camera as others have said. You might check online sites that ship to Canada. A 256Mb card will hold a little over a hundred best quality pictures. You might not need more unless you take the camera on vacation and can't download the pictures.

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The FZ 20 doesn't work with an IR filter so I wouldn't buy one.
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