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Thanks guys , I'll definitely go with the 512, with a backup of a 256, I'm here in Barbados and no one seems to know of the Lumix and from what I've seen this camera is the Kingpin, I met a guy at a jazz concert who was a photo journalist covering the show and he showed me his lumix 10, and I was blown away,c an't wait to get mine , just ordered from B&h photo, after getting a lot of bullsh#@& fromsome of the other companies, seems a lot of companies don't accept international visa or they want you to buy warranties and if you don't ,the order then takes 2 to 3 weeks, because the camera then ships from some where out side of the U.S if no warranty, see (bway photo.com) I'ved had no complications from B&H or Amazon ,oh bway has the best price459$, but then they come with that criminal sh#[email protected],:evil: then you understand why the price is low!! I've learned my lesson!!
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My philosophy is different than most. I don't believe in putting all of my eggs in one basket. I wanted 1 gb card, but if something happens to it I loose every picture. I have two 256 and one 512. I usually use the 256 cards for everyday shooting and have the 512 card for backup.
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Well a lot also depends upon how often you download ur pictures to computer. with one battery you dont need full ongb card essentially u will consume the whole battery when 3/4 th of that card is filled depending upon how much you use lcd/evf/ review ur picture on site and flash. so unless u carry more then one battery u are ok with 2 512 card or one 1gb card or two 1 gb card and just not fill them completely. More space is nice if u choose to shoot a video.

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