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I just received my FZ3 yesterday and have a few questions about filters. I'd like to add a 55mm UV haze or Clear protection filter to stay on the adapter all the time. I'm sure there ar other FZ3 owners that have already solved this problem.

1. Recommendation on which, UV haze or clear?

In the manual on page 101 it states that if you add the Panasonic MC or ND filter you can't use the lens cap that comes with the camera.

2. Will the included lens cap work with a brand of filter other than the Panasonic filters?

3. If the included lens cap won't work with any filter, what lens cap do I need to get to work with a filter?

Sorry if these sound like stupid questions, but I never ran into problem with my old Yashica FR SLR.
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i'm not sure which is better between the uv and the skylights, but i got a skylight one because that was the one available and so far it has given me no problems. also, as far as the lens cap goes, it's not an exact fit, the cap is a tad loose. BUT the important thing is that it fits and won't come off unless you take it off with those lens cap buttons in front. i'm not sure if that's clear enough, but there's really no problems with the supplied lens cap that i have come across. you can always take the camera to a store and try it on to see how it fits. hope that helps
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Hello Rangerhgm,

I am an FZ3 owner & spent several hours reviewing past posts on this site (back to mid-2004) regarding accessories for my camera. You should consider doing the same as there is just a wealth of helpful info there. Regarding the type of filters to purchase, a couple of things stuck in my mind from recommendations I read. First is that the lens quality with the camera you just pruchased is very, verygood. Therefore treat your lens accordingly & only cover it with high quality filters so as not to minimize or degrade it's qualities. That probably means a multi-coated, glass UV / haze filter. Hoya is a brand that many FZ owners seem to recommend & but there are several levels/quality/prices of Hoya's (like many other brands) so do your homework. Then shop ebay for perhaps some of the best prices. The other filter you may want to consider is a polarizing filter. Again, research the past posts. Finally, I found as did member wt888usa that the lens cap that came with the camera will fit these new lense filters, but the fit is a bit loose; but it does fit. Otherwise there are all kinds of aftermarket inexpensive lens covers for 55mm lenses that may fit better. Enjoy!

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