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My new FZ15 - at least when i first looked at the actual file names is using 1020081 .. 1020082 etc.. Someone inanother forum said that the first three numbers should start at 100 - so that would mean that i snaped 2082 pics. However I know this not to be the case. I believe the folder number is determined somehow by the SD card - I think mine gor thrown off - because when I first got the camera - I used my Cannon Camcorder SD card - but I didn't look at the pic numbers at that time - I am now using my new Lexar 32x card which is where I amseeing the 1020082 number from - the others -I can't tell anymore since when Winxp wizard copes them over - it auto re-numbers the jpg files on my HD. Any help ?
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The fz10 has the same numbering. I have a kingston 512mb card. And my photo's are now at 1030751. This means i've made 3751 pictures I guess..

if I look at my pictures.. the count goes:


soin 1020999 If you leave the bold numbers out.. you've got the actual number?

Is that correct? I don't know it either
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It would be correct unless you used the card in another Panasonic camera. I accidentally swapped the same card between two different cameras. DMC LC-40 and my DMC FZ10 and a new folder was made automatically to save files from the two different cameras.

I can only say this of the Panasonic brand cameras. I would not know if this were done between different makes. I presume, no, but I would not know for sure.
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That is why I think my FZ is showing the 102 folder number - because - initially I inserted a used SD card into my new FZ15 from my cannon camcorder . I know I havent shot 2000 + photos with it and I bought it from a reputable authorized Panny retailer. So some of these people thinking they have logged thousands of photos just because there sequence numbers strt with 105 or 110 or something I think are being mislead ???

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If I'm not mistaken, The FZ actually keeps the number regardless of what the card has done. I remember reading in the manual that the counter can be reset if you format the card, in the camera.

This is what the manual says about the numbering system on the FZ20 with respect to the NO RESET menu option.

"Set this when you want to start the file number of the picture from
0001 on the next recording. (The folder number is updated, and
the file number starts from 0001.)
• The folder number can be assigned from 100 to 999.
When the folder number reaches 999, it cannot be reset. We
recommend formatting the card after saving the data on a PC or
•When you insert a formatted card or a new card and select this
item, the file number is reset and the confirmation screen for
reset of folder number appears. If you select [YES] on the
screen, the folder number is reset to 100."

In the case of the software that comes with the FZ20 (and some other software I've found), the prefex can be set when downloading and the pic counter will increment with each file.. That is, NAME000.jpg, NAME001.jpg, and so on.

:-) Jeff
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