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Kenny_Leong wrote:
Just have the steves digicams forum site automatically convert uploaded images to thumbnails (100x75 pixels for example). In this way, everybody can see roughly what the pic is going to be, and so they can click on the thumbnail if they want to see the full pic. All images are stored on the steves digicams website, but just have thumbnail links. This might make things more efficient. I would rather see thumbnail links than just plain old text links. But of course..text links would be the most efficient for bandwidth.
I think I recommended this isa thread a while back. Some web development would have to be done to make it work, but it would be a fairly easy to do thing.

I don't know if Steve would be willing to have it done or not, but it would be good for the dial up users.

Some suggestions for the site (the way it is) are...

have one sticky that new users can go to when they first come here that explains some guidelines for posting pics. Not rules per say, but just guidelines... Like image size, and number of images per thread recommendations.

Have another sticky for new users that answer all the basic stuff that most new commers ask, and some helpfull links to basic knowledge type stuff.

I don't think we should make rules that are inforced upon people. That would make this site like all the rest. The reason this site is so great is the freedom that we have here. But if we just had the 2 above mentioned stickys, it would take away a lot of the repetative asking of basic questions and give the new commers a place to start.

No one can control what people post, but some basic friendly guidelines would be a big help. Personally, I don't mind helping people with any question. I learned in the military that... The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. And if someone does not want to answer a stupid question, then they simply can choose not to. There is no need to get mad and leave the forum because of it... Just let someone else answer it.

I do agree that people post too many picks per thread, and many times as big as they can make them. I am guilty of posting too many per thread sometimes. I try to keep mine at about 100k.

Any way... I think this is a great forum, and even though I have been busy lately and have not been as active as I use to be, I still check here at least once a day. I will continue to help others as they have helped me, and even though I have a short fuze somtimes, I think each and every one of you are great.

And even though I might chew someone a new arss hole in the middle of their forehead, I will turn right around and help that same person in a heart beat. Thats just the kind of guy I am...


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