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I have a question for everyone here in the forum.

Do you find it more valuable to see the photo as it comes from the camera, or do you get more value from a post processed work?

I think to learn, I get more from the straight shots, I want to learn the technical aspects of digital photography.

From an enjoyment aspect, some of the highly post processed works are very impressive but to me more art than photography.
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In my opinion, the typical digicamera doesn't seem to get the sharpness that I see in say a typical film camera. This is something that I don't really understand yet. But I do know that is the function of software image sharpeners.

I agree. Highly processed photos can be quite artistic. I don't mind...as long as I know the intentions behind it. For professional work (advertisements, commercials), the images need to be dressed up and made attractive...like putting on make-up. But if someone says that their very catchy 'done-up' nature or landscape photo is an accurate representation of the original colours seen through their eyes...then they're really fooling themselves really.

But some folks are colour blind...so this kind of thing (about changing/modifying hues/colours) can be a bit difficult to discuss.
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This has been discussed at length. You might look at this.:arrow:http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...28&forum_id=23
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Everytime someone posts one direct from the camera that could be enhanced in Photoshop with little effort, everyone jumps on the poster for unsharp, wrong time of day, etc.

You cannot win with a bunch of critics. One thing that would help if you remember is to post your fstop and shutter speed and time of day.
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It depends on why you are posting the images. If you are posting to show what raw (not necessarily RAW) images look like, then they should be untouched (most common when acamera first comes out and people want to decide if they want to buy it). If you are trying to show your best work, they should be edited with great care. If it is for a contest, then perhaps only mild editing would be allowed (contrast, sharpness, saturation and cropping).

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As nooner pointed out bobc posted a question similar to this not that long ago. The one problem I see with a question like this is that post processing is such a vast term. This can range anywhere from noise reduction to an all out production of a picture that looks nothing like the original. The other thing, (at least for me) is that a photo that has been resized seems to go a little soft. So it will not look like the right out of the camera picture. There is no way I could post a high res pic due to the fact I'm on dial-up and don't get the greatest connection. At the same time, it would be hard for me to view high res pictures and still have time to sleep at night. When I post a picture I try and keep it as close to the original as I can, even if this means adding light sharpening to the picture after resizing it. The bottom line is where to draw the line about PP, which brings us back to bobc question he posted.
To answer your question, Do I find it more valuable to see the photo as it comes from the camera, or do I get more value from a post processed work? Both. And if I want to know if it was PP, I Ask. The pictures that are PP had to start somewhere and that somewhere is a FZ.
You will never take bad picture and turn it into a diamond.

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