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Hi Team, I am new to this site. I am in the process of upgrading my digital camera. I currently have a cannon s45, nice camera but I can't do what I want to do with it. I have a web site which showcases the Budgies I breed here is the URL http://manvell.tripod.com/.

If I purchase a FZ20 with a remote shutter thingy option will I be avble to take reasonable shots with it as or will I need addition lenses etc.

Here is n a nice un-cropped shot that was used on the site. I would like to shot more like this but with better quality. The birds are shot, in a cage with a clear front, the door is opened when the bird settles.

Regards Robman

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This was within (fill-in) flash range at 6m.

In good outdoor light and at short distance the results would be far better as some in this forum have shown


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It seems to me you are able to turn on enough light so I believe any of the FZ cameras would do you fine, With no add on lenses.

If you are wondering of the size of photo you will get..This photo was taken from about 3 feet thru a windowwith about 3X zoom as that was the most zoom I could use and still focus at that distance.

This one is a crop of that photo

I have a +1 diopter close up lens ordered that I think will give the same results as the crop right from the camera at the same distance.

But really that is not a very large bird , it is a downey woodpecker.

I hope it gives you an Idea of the size you can work with. These are FZ20 shots.
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Robman, Guessing your camera will be on a tripod anyway you don't really need a remote release. The self timer will work fine. As for closeups..


is one of mine I like to point to..

Weclome btw..


Of course after I posted my answer to your post I realized that you would be photographing a moving target (live animals) so the self timer may not do.. I still think the camera, unchanged optically, will suit your purpose..
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I think the FZ will definitely give you a better shot than the one you included. You could use the wired remote and I would use an external flash with a diffuser to soften the light and reduce the shadows. I presume the birds will be in a cage.
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