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Nice shots... All.

The Jet Fightersare awesome...

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Nice photos! They really bring back memories. I used to go all the time back in the early Eighties. There is no sound in the world like a big Merlin or Rolls Royce engine going by a 400 plus MPH. I may have to make it back again myself. It's a fun event.
Hey nooner, if you do think you may go, unless you are going just for the day, book a room early. I meam at least six months or sooner if they will let you. I'm only about 2 1/2 hrs away and used to get up at 4am so I could get to Stead at 7am. Once I went the night before and slept on the ground in the parking lot. It's not bad if the weather is ok. :G Maybe I'll see you there, amongst the other 30,000 people.

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vIZnquest wrote:
I actually got more pictures with my 35mm SLR since it has a must faster shutter speed. I got some great looking stop action shots. The FZ10 is no slouch though.
The FZ10 should go to 1/2000, which should be plenty fast... it's as fast as my Pentax SLR... bear in mind that top shutter speeds are not always what the camera chooses in "P" mode... try shooting in "S" mode and selecting a fast shutter, and see what you get...

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At the time I took the pictures I was not too familiar with tweaking the digital camera or brave enough so I just stayed in "P" mode. My SLR goes to 1/8000th. Did not use a tripod and the shots came out great. I still learning both and having fun.

I will be trying out things more and more as I learn. Thanks for the info.
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nice nice shots ..i like the fighter's too !!!!

o and btw thanks a mil for that joke
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