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Hi folks;

Been to Rotterdam Airport to catch some birds. I forgot to check the wind direction, so I couldn't get interresting the actionshots (planes were coming from the 'wrong side'), but it did delivered me this funny one :GI'me not sure about the distance between the heron and the aircraft, (didn't even noticed it on the lcd; i'me soo lucky 8)) but he must have experienced some Jet-A1 flavored windshear :twisted:


#3: The fire dept. training unit.

Happy landings! GB
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I liked them all.


I do find your posts to be varied and good to look through. I appreciate your humor as well and your honest insight you give to members here.
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nice shots. coulda been nasty if that heron was feeling suicidal!
im hoping to get a chance to get some shots of aircraft at some point, tho we dont have a major airport near here, so maybe next time i fly to the states. i find planes truely amazing, and they can look really excellent on photographs.
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On photo #2 (looks like a B737) is he on the grass? If so good thing it has not rained much there. On photo with the Heron you didn't notice any feathers floating around after the jet passed did you? If the jet was landing the engines may have been down to idle by then, if taking off the Heron would have been something for one of NickTrop's soups. :-)

Good shots.
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