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Old Feb 3, 2005, 5:43 PM   #21
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I hate all of you and everybodies "american" pics suck. Now I am going to finish my "french" fries.

Thank you
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Old Feb 3, 2005, 6:03 PM   #22
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I'm a relative newcomer to this forum, and until now have not contributed any opinion or observation. I usually sit back and read the posts at a leisurely pace, trying to absorb as much as I can about a subject that I am just beginning to understand and learn. In that short time, it has become apparent that in spite of our cultural differences, what draws us all here is a passion to learn and share our experiences.

I think that part of the problem of how we come across to other people on this, or any other forum, is the medium in which we are obliged to communicate with one another. Although, it is a highly informal form, it does require a higher degree of awareness from all participants, senders and receivers.

Forum responders, who attempt to provide useful information, in a timely manner, sometimes forget that they are communicating with folks who haven't had the opportunity to know them personally or their personality quirks, hence, the need to embellish replies with emoticons, acronyms or smilies. However annoying their use can become, they are at times necessary.

Forum newbees, like myself, and others, all need to do a better job in reading between the lines. It is obvious that we have a highly educated group of international members who are able to communicate, with varying degrees of success, with us better than we, in the USA, can ever hope to do in theirs. I am grateful for that because it allows me to hide my ignorance.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we need to cut each other some slack and get back to enjoying our mutual passion with new found friends.

Tim, I commend you for allowing such scrutiny of yourself, I hope you'll stay.
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Old Feb 3, 2005, 8:43 PM   #23
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as I replied in my own post you might be right in that assertion.

There are other threads or Forums for digital art.
I guess this one is supposed to be for realistic photos, where the effect of Photoshop PP does not step beyond the cropping & resizing, sharpening, USM, (gaussian) blurring to enhanche the bokeh, maybe to saturate or shift the hues of some colors, a little cloning of some particulars and so on.
I already see that most of you already "twist the nose" (as we use to say in Italy) when there are too intrusive frames around the pics or so...

Yet many times I have wondered which one the true look of a scene might have been before the photographer processed it through Photoshop'ssieve.
Some pics have far greater feeling when the clouds are given to a dramatic effect with a polarizer or enphatizing them by PP. Sometimes colors are completely mutated.
These are alreadymore than the retouchings mentioned above, and -rightly IMO- tolerated.

I think that if most of us began to post too heavy filtered images, or pure "digital art", a lot more persons here would have something to say about that.
Yet it was the first time I did it, just for I did not have much to shoot at these days, but in a few hours I'll be on the mountains with my FZ, so I hope tocome back with a good number of captures in my memory card and in my posts.

Francesco Raffaele
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Old Feb 3, 2005, 9:19 PM   #24
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Hi Tim,

As a new contributor to this forum I would like to add my two cents.

You come across like a pompous bottom with an ego the size of the Andromeda Galaxy. You are obviously a socially challenged individual who is totally self centered and lacks the cognitive skills to communicate on a refined social level. I would suggest you crawl back in your cave and evolve a 1,000,000 years an then we can talk.

How did that make you feel? My point? There are better ways to get your point across. Three points of an evaluation a much wiser man than I'll ever be, taught me:

1. Point out the good and praise what was done right.

2. Get into the body of the work and in a gentle way point out the faults and show how they can be corrected.

3. Recap the good points and encourage the individual to go forward and do better.


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Old Feb 4, 2005, 12:48 AM   #25
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Hey bob,

I'm not asking you to leave. It's not one or the other. As for your feedback. I think you don't understand my intentions. And I guess you never will,maybe its my use of language.

In holland we also have a thing like freedom of speech, only we call it:
freedom of opinion expression. All the things you call smart little remarks, are actually opinions. Not all of them are brought the best way. Some people do nothing with that, some people appreciate it, and some can't stand it. I think the problem comes from two sides. Me being .... i don't know the word for that but you know what I mean , and you being a bit too less tolerant.

As for guaz,

I like your sense of humor I don't know if your serious on the first part but if you are. I'm not that self centered.

The only reason that I am on this forum is to help you guysget more out of the camera and share experiences. I could post my photos at 10.000 places on the net to get cheers and hooray's but that is not my intention.
If I were I would post 10 photos everyday and say "hey look at me being good".
In the end it all comes down on how you interprate my posts. And as it occurs not to taken as how ought to be taken, I do lack of communicative skills.. but I don't think I would have this problem on a forum with dutch language.



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Old Feb 4, 2005, 1:16 AM   #26
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Thanks. No the first part was ment in jest to make a point. I love those sledge hammers.....:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
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Old Feb 5, 2005, 9:15 AM   #27
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I would like to opolagize for my short fuze. Maybe you don't mean things you say the way people might take them. I would like to let you know how I took what you said so maybe we can understand eachother more.

I'm not impressed really.

This to me was a little smart remark that did not need to be there. I took it as... I have to impress you.

The picture lacks sharpness and contrast. You might want to crop it a bit larger (i assume this is a 100% crop) and resize it to 50% of this (relative). As for the black and white. It needs a lot more contrast. Try brightness and contrast and try to get some dark parts really dark en light parts almost white. This really makes a difference.

This was good helpful hints.

I also see you posted two birds shots in two separates threads. why not put them in 1? (or bird photography thread :G)

This was not a smart remark, but if I wanted to post them in one thread or the bird photography thread... I would have.

After reading this... I was a little mad, but when I read other threads that had similar remarks... I started to take your posts as though people had to impress you in order to get you to post something nice.

If you did not mean it that way... I am sorry. I would appreciate it if you would just be a little more concious of how other people might take your comments.

And I will try to not let these kind of things bother me.

Thank you

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Old Feb 5, 2005, 9:26 AM   #28
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Never mind all that. What midget are your picking as your partner for your tag team match with Tim?
Select a midget!
Lord Littlebrook
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Old Feb 5, 2005, 9:39 AM   #29
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If wrasslin' is not your game guys may I suggest a game of hoops with none other than vIZnquest and erkada. Here is a picture thatcaught us playing a one-on-one exhibition game at the local high school.

We would be glad to play a friendly two-on-two game of basketball with you. To make make it easy on you we will play with 6ft high backboards.

I am the one driving the lane on erkada by the way.

Attached Images
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Old Feb 5, 2005, 9:41 AM   #30
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