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Thanks to all for the nice words.

in order to post images with Thuimbnails, one has -first of all- to have both the full size image and the thumbnail on a webspace (i.e. I am not downloading them on Steve's servers).

Then, in the frame where we write the messages, I copy the thumbnail link,thengo to the forum,click on the "INSERT IMAGE" button above (4th from right) and paste there the THumb's link.

Finally I click on the thumb image which appears in the black frame and then on the LINK button (third one from right) and this time I paste the full image link.

a few days before I went there, the landscape was all covered with snow, including the trees branches. Saw some pics with falling snow on a friend's PC, really great.
There in Australia you cannot lament about landscapes differencies, although snow is a lacking feature.

--- --- ---

About the sunset/cloud/trees image I have posted (and retouched eliminating the wires) I like very much the details in theFZ20 rendering of branches, which look like fractals. I made a mistake there in sharpening them with the Sharpen tool in Photoshop: some parts have not brushed up with the sharpening tool and they look more soft or blurred in contrast to the sharpened ones.

Having shot nearly 200 pics I have PP all of them (and a 20% of them I have kept the full 3 or 5Mb image for eventual future prints) in a day, so it is possible that some PP errors have crept in my retouching session.
Probably next time I'll be taking less significant shots at 1-2 Mp, so I won't have to resize them to save some space.

Also there are a few shots in which I think I have oversaturated the blue sky: I like Canon like sky color, while FZ20 provides more real tones, or too bright and uncolored hues with bright light. So I have saved a combination in Photoshop "Selective color" which brings out that blue sky. I load the file, apply the selectivecolor, then eventually soften the effect of the color changeand with the "undo brush" on the non sky areas I erase the blue color in them.

Next time I must try some bracketing in Wide Dynamic ranges scenes, then seeing the results in Photoshop with mixing/blending the two or three different parts of the landscape...


Finally the same place on November 28, 2004, in the autumn colors:
(but these are from my first digicam, Canon Powershot A300)

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Thank you John

no, only an amateur, I actually study Egyptology.
Some say that it's not the cam to do the photo, but the photographer.
I would dare that it is the outer world to do the photo, the photographer must only be a good observer, to catch the moment or the situation or the landscape or a combination of factors.

I don't know If I am skillfull with Photography more than with Photoshop, but I am quite sure that when there is the passion for anything it is far easier to achieve great results.

I have seen several pics from some guys here which I repute excellent.
Some are more continuous than others in providing high quality photos, but considering this isanhobby for most of us, I think there is much to be proud for the results each one achieves.

We only have to thank the One whomade such a beautiful world and technology which gave us FZ20 and similar 'beasts' for an affordable price.

FINALLY, one must try not to get too LAZY: some Point and shoot provide great shots and colors without the need of any adjustment. All is so easy...
FZ series (and I think DSLR even more than Prosumers) need some skill, efforts, comprehension of the cam one has to do with.
Results could be even deludent at first, but the capabilities of these photo-weapons do emerge with some time, if this time is used constructively and with a will to tweak and to overcome any issue or problem the cam might show.

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Narmer, they are exactly as all the picts I have seen from you.

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