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I just ordered an FZ3 two days before the FZ5 was announced. It shipped the day the FZ5 was announced, but now I don't know what I should do. I am mainly a point and shoot person, and rarely crop and zoom my pictures. I am currently using an Olympus C-3040Z 3 megapixel camera and still think it takes nice pictures. I have had it for almost 4 years and thought it was time to upgrade. I wanted the 12x zoom.

If I don't really crop and zoom that much, would the FZ5 be worth it to me? I mainly take pictures of my two daughters (3 year old and a 2 month old) and general family type stuff.

Thanks for all advice.

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I wouldn't.. But if you do be sure to check what the shippers return/restock policy is. It could cost you more than it's worth.. Before even considering the FZ5, I would wait for people to get it in thier hands and test it out. The FZ3 has been around the block a couple times so, if you did your homework, you already know about it's shortcomings (all cameras have them).

my 1 cent worth..

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I'm with Jeff. From what you described as your uses, I think the FZ3 is more than enough camera for you. 1/2 cent.:arrow:
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if you rarely crop pictures, there's little advantage to the higher MP resolution. 3MP will make a very nice 8x10, if you ever print that large, and with the 12x zoom on the FZ3, you'll probably seldom need to crop much in order to get a nice image.

As Jsiladi mentioned, the FZ5 is brand new, and until it's tested, and there's a solid body of experience to indicate that it really offers some advantage - other than pixels - over the FZ3, there's no reason to rush to get one. unless, of course, you just wanna be the first on your block to have the latest thing...

also, consider that the FZ5 is substantially more expensive than the FZ3... i'd keep the 3, it sounds just fine for what you need to do.
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Thanks for the quick replies everyone. I now feel better about my purchase. It should arrive sometime tomorrow and I'm very excited!

Thanks again.
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