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Hello all,

I want to ask people who own the DMC-FZ3 model what they think about the overall value, ease of use, and quality of thiscamera is? My mind was set on the Kodak DX7590 but after reading various reviews on the FZ3 model, it seems the FZ3is a definite winner. The Kodak is nice, but after few more test shots, the pics at times come out a bit soft, colors a little too rich, and to be quite frank with you, the I can't really see a huge difference in the megapixels of this Kodak over my previous Canon Elph S400 4.0 model I owned. The Kodak lacks image stabilizer, is this a major flaw? kodak users say lack of IS should not be a major concern.

The FZ3 really appears to be a great camera. However, one review which made me really think about this camera was from a comment I read on DPreview, where the reviewer had stated the noise level was very bad. Is it? He also stated the pics weren't that impressive. In any case, if I decide to go ahead and purchase the FZ3, I have up to 15 days to return it if I don't like it.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated it.
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...both good cameras. I'm biased but I would go with the FZ. It edges the K out in its optical specs both on the wide and tele side, and IS absolutely matters when you zoom past 5X. Whoever told you it doesn't, is incorrect. That doesn't mean "everything" will be in focus regardless of shutter speed, and it's not a substitute for a tripod, but it helps - a lot. I also think the FZ's street price is a little less than the K by around $50 or so? Don't quote me, though.

The K does have more megapixels, and this will matter more if you crop a lot. PC/Web's resolution will be the same (800X600 = 800X600, it becomes a matter of how many pixels you throw away on PC/Web viewing...), there will be virtually no visible difference on 4X6's, 5X7's, perhaps even 8X10's. "Fine Detail" matters least on larger print sizes hanging on a wall anyway, imo. As a quy who is quite content with the 8X10's from his 2 megapixel FZ-1v2, I'll be the first to tell you I think megapixels are the most overrated and overweighted spec. Then again, I'm an old school film slr guy, what's all this about cropping?

The only other non-DSLR digital I would consider right now outside of the FZ line is the Epson RD-1 but that costs $3000.
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I took some sample pics and from the lcd screen they looked okay (the real test will be when viewing from my pc monitor). Though I've just begun testing this camera out, few things stood out:

The noise (sound from the camera) level is a bit noticeable. It sounds very simliar to my old Canon S400 camera. Is there any way to shut it off so that I don't have to hear the loud beeps every time I select an option?

As for theIS, itseems to work fine ( I read somewhere that it should be set at level 2 all the time). Is the IS very reliable for taking action and/or moving shots or am I expecting too much here?Is the burst mode very reliable too? In terms of selecting a memory card, is the sandisk ultra II 512 card highly recommended?

With regard to the Kodak camera, even when it has 5 MP, pictures at full blown size look very noisy (i.e. trees look "muddy"). The JPEG compression is quite strong, as pointed out by expert reviewers online. Then again, one reviewer on Dpreview mentioned that the noise level on the FZ3 is prevalent, particularly the blue sky. How true is this??

I'm still a little torn here, but must admit that I'm beginning to lean towards more and more to the FZ3 camera. All depends on how satisfied I am when I view the pictures through my pc monitor, of course.

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Yes, it is possible to turn off the sounds. Go to the setup menu and you will find the option for doing this.

I use mode 2 for Image Stabilization most of the time. If you are using a tripod, though, they recommend that you turn IS off.

The only area where I think the Kodak is superior to the FZ is that its viewfinder "gains up" when you are shooting in low light conditions.

I also considered the Kodak before getting the FZ3. I do not regret my decision at all. Good luck.
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