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Well, I think I decided on one of these two. I'm looking for an all-around camera (indoor and outdoor) with some sports shooting (soccer) so the zoom and IS are kinda needed.

I've read so many reviews that I'm almost more confused than at the beginning! One feature that I think is pretty important is the shutter lag and some of the reviews seem to differ somewhat. Can anyone tell me which of these appears to be closest to reality...

Shutter lag MF
From Steve's Digicams
FZ-15 (not mentioned)
FZ-20 (not mentioned)

From Imaging Resource
FZ-15 0.3sec
FZ-20 0.08sec (!!!)

Shutter lag AF
From Steve's Digicams
FZ-15 3/10sec
FZ-20 6/10sec

From Imaging Resource (wide-tele)
FZ-15 0.52-0.99sec
FZ-20 0.53-0.99sec

My specific question is about two differences...

1) The 0.08 manual focus for the FZ20 compared to 0.3 for the FZ15... I thought the FZ15 was supposed to be slightly faster than the FZ20... Are these accurate? If so, that alone might justify the FZ20!

2) The 0.3sec vs 0.6sec shutter lag difference for AF reported in Steve's review doesn't seem to be reported in the Imaging Resource review. Is there a difference or is the performance the same?

I don't know if I'm splitting hairs or not but if anyone's played with both cameras I'd love to have your opinion (I can't find them in my area)...

Another thing, is there really a noticeable pinkish color to the FZ15 skintones? I can't find too many FZ15 sample pics on the web...

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