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static wrote:
Ok...I think I got it right now.....1/400 , ISO 200, F 4.0,
12X, handheld but I was braced against a wall. Very early in the AM .....pretty hard getting any background out here in the desert unless I catch it as soon as it rises.

Still very new to this, can anyone suggest a name of some software one could use to enlarge shots like this while maintinaing decent quality and, can you also suggest one good overall program for taking care of any imperfections in photos such as modifying overall effects in the photo like, noise, sharpness, contrast, color depth etc?

Thanks again.....
I think your shot is fantastic as is!

In terms of software, you may want to check out this plugin. In seems to do a good job on the enlarging side of things.
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Thanks for the info....yeah...it took about 6 tries before
I got the focus right on. I finally went to manual focus
for this one, seemed like the auto focus just couldn't lock on to it.

Also thanks for the info. on the software...I wouldn't touch this one but, may try to improve the first 5.. (:

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