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Stop it Tchuanye!

Ifear you are going towards vivisection. :-)

Really only with FZ10 and 6T? No Raynox?
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Guys, thank you very much for the comments!
The comments here have always encourage me to improve! Thanks again!

mtritt wrote:
Absolutely incredible. What lens are you using? What settings?
I am using the Nikon 6T alone, and Bounce flash for the 1st and 3rd pic only.

indiawala wrote:

I just got my nikon 4T and plan to experiment w/ it soon. But if you guys could tell me how you got close enough to these critters w/out disturbing them that would be helpful. If you didn't get close then please list your exif info, such as shutter, ap, zoom (if any), tripod or not, etc....so we know what to try for our own shots.

any help would be appreciated


The 6T will get you about 29cm away from the subject. Have to approach the subject slowly. Sometimes they stay still, sometimes not, but usually they fly back to the same spot. I use Manual mode as this has a less shutter lag. One useful technique especially if they remain static is that I fix the focus and move the camera, once subject appears sharp, I will snap it. If the subject remains still, than I use AF. Zoom depends on what you want to compose on. Hope this helps.

mrbill wrote:

So those use only the 6T??

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